just arrived in kuwait city , looking for friends

Hi, My name is laurent, I just moved to kuwait city.. I'm french pastry chef here with international career (Brazil 13years,...Dubai, Barhein and Cairo..). Alone,  I am trying to know nice and kind people here and make friends and share good time... anyone interested let me know and message me please. Thank you.

bienvenue :D

Welcome chef,

All the best for your new assignment!!!  :top:

merci a tous...thanks every body....stay in touch. Someones have an idea about to rent a's better to rent o leasing...

Welcome to Kuwait!

bienvenue à Kuwait, been in Paris and pastries are so nice.

Welcome to kuwait...Laurent

I am also new here , its been couple of months.. I would love to taste new dishes  :P

Welcome chef..

Hi Laurent,

Welcome bro in the boring environment of Kuwait with out good friends.
I would appreciate if we can have good friendship.


Dear Adill

Honestly, I work so much and have not time yet to find friends...but I hope so soon to get time to meet someones in this city...

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Welcome to Kuwait

I am Sharon from India living in kuwain for a long time,working fir an Airline here.also.I am interested in making friends to know people from different culture,sit in  a coffee house chat ,dine.I would like to know you.Hope to hear from you.Thanks  .

Hi Susi,
its nice to get response from a good person like u. Well, there is not more about me.
My name is Adil and am working in a school in Hawally as a Physics Teacher.
If you like you can whatsapp me at xxx


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Hey there,

This is Motaz. you do remind me of myself when I moved to kuwait. I was really looking to make some friends. And because of my job and I travel a lot, I still have few friends in kuwait. let me know if you would like to know me more & welcome to Kuwait

Hi, where are you staying in Kwuait?

I like cooking, chef. How is your life in Kuwait.

In kuwait city downtown

So nice, so good

hello Sharon,

Sure, welcome to see you. Please let me know when you organize a afternoon tea ;-))
note my mobile: ****

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Hello Mr, French,
How are you doing? My name is terry from philippine, interesting to have friend.

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