Question about visa extension!


My employment visa expires on May 31st 2016 and I will need to extend for one more year (1st time). I understand I need to apply for the extension 2 months before expiry date. However, while preparing my documents, I figured out that my passport expires on April 3rd 2017. Would this be an issue for a 1 year extension. If I need to renew my passport it would take at least 2 months (since it has to be sent by my embassy to my home country to be processed there). This means that it would be beyond the 2 months rules and with a risk of exceeding (in worst case scenario) the residence expiration. My question is if this would affect the decision to grant the extension.

Many thanks!

Hey... I know this reply is pretty late but I'll write it anyway in case it helps someone else.
Your visa will be extended till the day your passport expires ( in your case, April 3rd 2017).  So you'll need to handle your passport renewal, then reapply for extension for your remaining months.

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