Environmental protection in Tunisia


Environmental protection is a challenging issue for all the countries around the world. Would you say this issue is deemed of significance in Tunisia?

Is the country going green through initiatives like waste management and selective sorting programs, renewable energies, public transport, green awareness campaigns and so forth?

How do you personally commit to improve the environment in your daily life?

We would greatly appreciate if you could tell us more about the various local initiatives for sustainable development in Tunisia.

Many thanks in advance!


Kenjee - unfortunately there are no initiatives!  Oh wait I forgot just recently a law was passed in relation to littering but no one has paid it much attention and there are no environmental officers to enforce it. 

Personally we have a compost, 2 actually and everything organic goes into this for the garden.  We try to grow as much as we can and it is all bio of course. 

The biggest problem here are plastic bags and people throwing their rubbish on any piece of vacant land.

Oh yeah plastic bags.. I was driving from Kelibia to Tunis a couple of weeks ago... plastic bags were everywhere. here is a terrible example:

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