Environmental protection in Jordan


Environmental protection is a challenging issue for all the countries around the world. Would you say this issue is deemed of significance in Jordan?

Is the country going green through initiatives like waste management and selective sorting programs, renewable energies, public transport, green awareness campaigns and so forth?

How do you personally commit to improve the environment in your daily life?

We would greatly appreciate if you could tell us more about the various local initiatives for sustainable development in Jordan.

Many thanks in advance!


There are many environmental programs active. Several impressive national parks are already since years under protection by the rscn. I have been to some and its a real delight. Today these parks are considered to be main attractions. People from all around the world admire birdwatching with over 400 species for example.

I dont think there is much awareness regarding waste management. In my opinion people are simply not participating. Where they find a possibility to sit, tons of garbage are being left even within national parks, I was told. There are some hot water springs along the impressive dead sea with its clear emerald colored waters and salt formations. The garbage gathered at that very spot is sooooo awful!

Transportation is OK. At crowded times maybe not as comfortable as a air conditioner, but fees are challenging. Where I live the fee for a 20 minute ride down town is 250 fils! A taxi cab alike private buses charge 3 JD one way. Thats half a dinnar instead of 5 or 6 JD back and forth! Such buses are active as well in the capital and charge about 650 fils to tourist attractions when a taxi charges up to 15JD for same distance with a time advantage of only 15 minutes. All tourist attractions offer satisfactory transportation except of Wadi Rum where one takes a bus to Aqaba and from there a taxi to WR. I once took a local bus to WR from Aqaba but its quite a distance and no fun when the bus is fully loaded...

I respect nature and could never get used to the idea of throwing garbage out of the car window despite the fact that people get pissed when I keep it till I find a container.... I dont hunt animals and dont pick flowers Iam not allowed just because they are beautiful. All I do is making photos, thats how I contribute!
Thanks for bringing up this subject.

I agree that Jordan has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and nature areas!  On the trash issue, that really does need some help. I know a few months ago there was a campaign to discourage littering so I know they are trying. It just baffles me how people think it's perfectly ok to throw garbage wherever and they are not grossed out by this as it stinks and attracts flies and stray animals. It's not like there are a shortage of dumpsters in amman from what I see. And the beautuful places out in the country where peole picnic and just leave everything its just sad. I am hopeful on a larger scale more attitudes will come around on this issue eventually. JO/EU good for you and share some of the beautiful pictures with us! :)

From what I see, it's slightly changing in a good way but it goes so slowly that my toes get crampy. A national campaign must be launch in every single way to make it more aware but that will costs so much that the bankruptcy is near and that is something that this country can't afford.

Kip98 :

JO/EU good for you and share some of the beautiful pictures with us! :)

I tried to upload photos but they have always been denied. Allegedly they do not meet the requirements, but was never told what or why! Anyways, hopefully I will finish updating my own site soon with loads of photos...

@ JO/EU > Please feel free to contact me in private, i will be able to guide you in uploading photos. :)



Thanks Priscilla,
will do

Personally I don't see that Jordanians are educated enough regarding the issues of environmental issues. It would be a good start if schools were to fit it into their curriculum as a good start. I see rubbish thrown on the sides of the roads, behind shops etc on a daily basis, I know there are road sweepers out there, but it would be a good idea if more bins were provided. You only have to take a walk around Swafieh near the post office where there is a skip situated behind the shops next to the car park, humming with fly's, feral cats rummaging through it and the smell is awful especially in this hot weather. Then there's the issue of the bins and skips being set on fire to get rid of the rubbish which is another issue that pollutes the environment. Animals on the other hand are sometimes a sad sight to see, I know there are places like the Humane center for animal welfare that have been educating people on animal care, but I still get sad when I see that little old underfed donkey being ridden and carrying large bags whilst being hit by the owner, Cats starving all over the streets as well as dogs and many other animals.

Next there is way too much traffic and congestion on the roads. All those fumes causing damage too. Not good!

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