English speaking Gastroenterologist in Budapest

Hello Budapest!

Can anyone recommend an English speaking gastroenterologist, French or Arabic would also work.

I searched and visited most of the clinics frequented by expats or those advertising themselves as English speaking but couldn't find one who was really articulate or fluent enough to consult with on a chronic problem.

Any Suggestions/recommendations based on personal experience?

Thanks a lot in advance!

We tried to look up the number online and on FB for a doctor we know and have used in Budapest.
He is around 70 years old now and may just be working at his private practice office located in his beautiful home.
We are out of Hungary right now and do not have his private phone number with us.
I will send it to you when we return to HU in less then 2 months time.
My BIL went to school with this doctor and he is a personal friend of his.
He did a operation on my husband several years ago an out patient surgery.
Husband had it done in his Budapest hospital office but did the follow up visits at his home office.
He even helped me when I had a terrible stomach condition brought on by too many antibiotics after getting a tooth pulled. He even called us at home while he was in Austria on vacation to see if his treatment was working for me, really a nice knowledgable doctor.
He called his nurse to have everything ready for me, did lab tests etc. while out of the country. I didn't even have to go into his office with my samples, was too ill, let my husband bring in a test kit.
I recall he spoke pretty decent English with me when I went to his home office with my husband.
His office is beautiful, totally away from his living quarters, had a nurse come in to help with a scope on my husband, did it twice in one visit just to be really sure everything was alright after surgery.
He was so kind he sat me in his lovely library, put Mozart on the stereo for me and poured me mineral water himself while he looked my husband over.
Was not that pricey either.
He may now be retired from public service but we are pretty sure he is still running his private practice out of his home.
We trust him and that is rare for us to trust many doctors.

Thank you Marilyn, safe travels!
I hate traveling back home everytime I need to consult with a doctor and learning Hungarian is not going fast engouh  :(
Looking forward to hear back from you when you're back!

Will send his number onto you asap when we get home to our records.
Sorry, hope you can wait that long.

We have had very good results at this facility:

The doctors speak excellent English as well as the receptionist.

Each time we have visited there however, it required a referral from a GP.

Hi there Marilyn!

I am in need of an excellent GI, and would very much appreciate it if you could pass along this lovely-sounding Dr.'s info!
I hope you and your husband are in good health.

Kindest regards,

I have PM the details but will try to post his info. here, just not sure if I can give out a number over this site without breaking the rules.
Dr. Bodo Mihaly
1221 Budapest, Kapisztran u. 2.
Cell: 06-20-926-6876
Not sure how well he speaks English but he is a great doctor of gasztroenterolougus or however it is said in Hungarian.
He also has a clinic in his home besides the office in the city.
I suppose one would call for more details. good luck.

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