I have been getting emails from developments

The emails I have been getting the prices seem to be coming down.  I guess with the economy in the pooper.  One email said a condo on the beach for $45,000 sleeps 5 people.  That's cheaper than the pickup I just bought.  Good deals everywhere but will I be able to use it much?  I think I could only use it maybe 2 weeks a year.  The Canadian lifestyle doesn't give much room to be able to use a property to its fullest.  I think I am going to have to head down to Honduras and check out the mainland and Roatan.  Any suggestions on the best way to see Roatan and la ceiba area and Trujillo without getting robbed?  Best way to travel to each destination?  I would like to rent a beach house in LCBC and arrange for a person to cook.  Then check out the area around Trujillo then to Roatan.  I would like to charter a helicopter to avoid the robbers.  I'm not big on public transportation.

I can assist you with renting a bungalow. Sue and Rob have a really nice one in La Ceiba Beach Club. You can contact them directly. A friend of mine Selven wife can cook and clean for you daily. Selven can also show you around the city too. No body guards needed lol

I'm going to have to ask the obvious question.  If you feel that Honduras is so dangerous that you need to travel via Helicopter so you won't get robbed, then why would you want to invest?

55 years old, living in San Pedro Sula, Tela, La Ceiba, Roatan and Tegucigalpa and Ive never even seen the inside of a helicopter....

I like the price but not into the criminal activity.

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