Cockroaches in Honduras?

Is there lots of roaches in these beach homes or are the mostly in the city?  I'm not a big fan of bugs.

You have high humidity , high temperatures which is a perfect breeding ground for bug's of all sizes and shapes, so go figure

As a fellow Canadian take my advice, if you're not keen on cockroaches then you had better cross Central and South America off your to see list altogether.

The cockroaches in all of these countries are like you've never seen before in your entire lifetime. Worse still there are also flying cockroaches that will land on you without any warning at all.

I mean really, roaches down south are huge. I'm not afraid of bugs, but I'm not ashamed to confess that the first time I saw a cockroach in the Amazon city of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil it was so damned huge I was up on a chair in a flash. Having just arrived in the Amazon at the time I had no idea about what bugs were harmless and what bugs could kill you. Needless to say I was the butt of a lot of gringo jokes for a very long time after that.

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Worse than the roaches on billy the exterminator?

The roaches in tropical and sub-tropical countries can be as large as an LAPD detective's badge, and may even look larger than that if one lands on your chest!!!

James Experts Team

The biggest ones are not native of America. They are the Madagascar roaches. They are light brown and measure about 6 or 7 inches in length. They are slow and dumb and apparently not as "dirty" as the "normal" ones.
They must have arrived on a boat.........

An exterminator must do well down there.

Large and friendly! :o

Nice description! Have you thought about writing as a career?

you know how they use dynamite to blow up dead whales on beaches?  it is like that.

¡Bien dicho!

Wow, I was going to say it's not that bad, but based on everyone else's responses, maybe I've just gotten used to them. They are bigger than I was used to in the US, but here they are only 1 to 2 inches long, not enormous like in some places. They do fly though, which can be surprising.
I lived in a wooden shack on the beach for a while, and as long as I had roach motels around the place, they were pretty much under control.

We had friends just got back from Nicaragua and they didn't see any roaches.  Are you guys funnin me?

I've seen more cockroaches in Florida than Honduras over the years. They are intrusive everywhere especially in humid climate.

Come on... Nigarauga vs Honduras for cockroaches ?!? They don't have borders.

It's an NGO,  cockroaches Without Borders

Do you guys spray for bugs in Honduras?
Or let nature take its course?
Where are the roaches the worst on the beach or in the hills?

They come out at night so you don't see him during the day

If it gets too bad with the cockroaches, there is a paste that works great. I know of one place that sells it in Tegucigalpa but you can look it up online and buy it too.
It has an ingredient that they eat but then kills them by dehydration or something like that.
In Tegucigalpa they sell it by the name Cucarachicil and they sell it one block away from the Tiburcio Carias Andino Natl Stadium. Look it up on the web and get rid of them for months!

Googling therapists would be another option

You should google troll.

By chance I passed today by the place in Tegucigalpa. The Cucarachicil paste is made with boric acid. The tube costs 40 lempiras. They can ship it you in Honduras. Their number is 2239-3968 Agencia Menpon

look up the Bot fly, scorpion, kissing bug, hercules beetle, bullet ant, thorn tree hopper, giant helicopter damselfly and leaf cutter ants.  Look at Fer de Lance, green palm pit viper, coral snake, central american rattlesnake, barba amarilla and pacific sea snake.

They don't scare me look up grizzly bear, cougar, moose.  I have them in my yard.  And we do have Boa's in Canada, along with big rattle snakes.

But no roaches where I live to clean and cold

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