Excuse me. I seem to be hitting a wall with this. I would like to apply for an eea family permit, problem is everytime i try using it takes me to meaning, I am asked to apply for a uk visa after clicking apply on eea permit. does that seem correct? if so, should i go ahead and select family visit visa since I am planning to settle with my husband in the uk

try going to this link and then try to register over there. Perhaps this might do the trick.

yes I did. theres a list of visas. theres no option for eea family permit just family vist and others

HEY YOU HAVE BEEN OF GREAT HELP. i finally found it. problem was on choosing the reason for vist. i kept choosng visit, but when i chose other, the eea permist showed up just now. thankyou. i should buy you a coffee sometime. thanks

I am glad you've managed to find the right reason. I appreciate the coffee offer but I am located around about 420 Km away from your city. Good luck with the Family permit application!

Hi peainapod,

I've moved your thread to the England forum

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THANKS and i found what i was looking for

hey, I got an email yesterday saying my passport and documents have been sent to me via dhl. There was no word on the actual decision. any idea what this means?

It usually means you've got the EEA Family Permit but it's not a 100% guarantee. I'd hold my breath until I see it with my own eyes. waay too nervous.thinking their emails are

Don't be nervous. I'd say prepare and good luck!

Thanks. Ill let u know

I got it...doing a victory dance!!! Thanks alot

Congratulations and good luck!

Thanks you know if i.need a one way or return ticket

You do not need to purchase a return ticket. You can go in and out of UK for 6 months and your time starts when you enter UK for the first time.

Thanks again😃

no worries

Hi guys hope you all good , I have a question about EEA family permit for UK . I just completed  online visa application form for EEA family permit and now I have to register with" uk.TLScontact " once I login there they asking to me visa type and travel purpose what should I choose from there ?? there is no EEA family permit option ?
Thanks in advance

choose family visa less than 6 months

Thanks for quick reply , yeh I choose family visit less then 6 month , on tlscontact website I didn't add the courier service when I registered, can I add it now ? If not how will I be able to collect my passport?

if youve registered on tls then it should be fine. just keep checking and they will tell you when your passport is sent back. as long as you have indicated your GWF number on tls then you will get it back

Thanks it's helpe me a lot , I have a appointment on  8 July if I need more queries I will contact, thanks again

alright, all the best, make sure you go with the printed version of your application and all documents not in english to be translated. carry originals and copies.

Yeh I'm almost ready and can you please checkout my all documents listed below which I'm going to send in embassy, if there is anything to  change or I need to add ,?please help me

>visa application form with 2 passport size photo white background,
>my new and old passport Original and copies,
>Romanian Marriage certificate plus marriage certificate from Pakistan,
>House contract translated into English original and copy ,
>My Romanian residence permit translated into English copy ,
> copy of joint bank statement with my wife in same address where we been lived together in uk ,
>My wife's original passport &copy, plus ID copy ,
>copy of visa and extension to Pakistan for my wife ,
>return ticket Romanian-Pakistan for my wife ,
>18 photos with my wife ,marriage ceremony Pakistan, from uk , and some from Romania ,( Its should be enough photos or we have to send more?)
>3 months Facebook messenger call history between me and my wife while I was in Pakistan and she was here in Romania.
>Cover letter from my wife stating we would be traveling together in uk and once there she would b exercising her treaty as a jobseekers,and requesting to granting me EEA family permit ,and list of  enclosed documents ,
And she declared some about our relationships , at the end her contact number and signed,

Hi I just got the email that my passport and attached documents have been sent to my address I have provided, so my question is , will it arrive today ?? And on the teleperformance website the " decision made" nor "sent back from consulate"  was not clicked so I'm a little confused what's happening

It depends on when it was posted, It will take a few days. So next week.

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