Should it change ?

:( I was wandering how expat and traveller think about the crowd and uneasy in train? For the men it's ok even its being body close to them but for ladies , how do u think? So do those old folk and young kids as well with stroller and handicapped , for them I think stress but why Japan don't change the system about train? How do u think what can be change for better improvement ?

I travel to Japan several times a year with my family including two young children. We do take the trains a lot and they can be crowded. Japanese people tend to be very nice and polite in general. On trains I notice that passengers will try to find a seat very quickly. I often see younger people in their teens or twenties sitting comfortably while elderly men or ladies are left standing in front of them. It's the same when we are with our young children. At the ends of each train carriage are special seats for the elderly, handicapped, people with young children etc, but these may also be occupied by younger people unwilling to offer their seats to those who need them more than them. As far as crowds go, I never notice any men misbehaving on trains.

In Indonesia I always see special carriages for women only. That's because there are misbehaving men on trains, buses, public transport etc. I have also seen these in Japan too.

But I thin, all in all, the train system is already very excellent in Japan.

Congestion is a very difficult issue. There's no other way except to increase frequency of the trains which is already quite frequent or adding more stations and lines.

If being in a crowded train is just not your thing, you just have to avoid rush hours.

Thanks for many replies with everyone comment . Train in Japan about crowd should be control no matter what. Train for those who need also be fixed at least limit seat no occupy except sos need. Train corner also need fix for mother with cart . So as for traveller who carry bike and with pet along should be welcome. Divided the area should be no problem. What do other think?

I think there is no clear solution. If all the seats are taken and nobody is standing, then any seats in the end should be available for use by anyone. That is the system they use now and I see nothing wrong with that.

I have taken baby carriages on Japanese trains before but there were no problems except that we had to stand. But I did fold the baby carriage once when the train was super full.

For bikes and pets, not sure really. If you start making rules then some will be happy and some unhappy.

The only real issue I have is that young and middle aged people do not give up their seats for the elderly.

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