Renting an apartment

I m looking to rent A apartment in Sousse from The second week of January 2017 until the end of March 2017 please can anybody help my husband is a Tunisian Man who works in Sousse

Cheaper staying with inlaws

They live to far away

Try long let's sousse

Your husband is Tunisian and works in Sousse......then he will have contacts who have contacts and can rent an apartment much cheaper than a foreigner.  Why isn't he organising this??

Hi Carol Moore,

Did you search on the housing in Sousse section ? You should post your ad there as well.

Best of luck,

Because I prefer to do things

Thank you how do I get to see xxx

Dear Carole , how are things going for you , any luck in finding apartment ?

take a look at Jasmine Properties Tunisia, I've used them - they have some very nice ones..

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