Need a good realtor - Bocas Area Pros and Cons

I am very interested in relocating to Bocas area in a couple years and I'm making a scouting trip in June.  Anyone have a recommendation for a good realtor?

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I do not recommend Bocas. Dangerous and they exploit foreigners. Beaches are full of trash. Many thieves. Also lots of fugitives from all over the world. Its a Fugitive haven. Ever hear about Wild Bill . He use to befriend expats at the  bar. He would then murder them and keep there properties thru a crooked lawyer who facilitated everything. Hope you change your mind!!!!!!

You shouldn't scare people like that. Any area can have a serial killer move in and this one was caught. Also it was 7 years ago. We have a very low rate of violent crime and we feel very safe here. The trash is an issue in many island areas and we are actively working to correct this. Bocas del Toro is a beautiful place that has a great expat community. It's not for everyone but worth checking out.

They won't let you promote services on this forum. Feel free to contact me with any questions about Bocas. I live here.

I have two lady friends that were forced to sell because of home invasion. Tell me...can you leave your home alone...the answer is no...maybe a few hours, but that's it. People over there have no jobs and are always on the look out for an easy dollar. I hope you are correct. Talk to a friend and ask them how many breakings they have experienced since moving there. I don't want you to be another statistic.
Be well and God bless and protect you...mostly from other foreigners that come there to take advantage of nice folks like you. Beware who you invite to your house and don't show off.your nice stuff.
Sorry about the scare, but its better to be ready than sorry.

I am sorry to hear that. It does happen occasionally as it can anywhere, even in the US.  We have lived here for 17 years and have had one  bicycle stolen and one robbery in all that time( we left a window open and they took our cell phones). Admittedly petty crime is  an issue here mostly in Bocas Town where we get constant visitors from Almirante and such. You certainly cannot leave your doors open. And petty thievery is an issue throughout Panama and all the Latin American countries. I have friends that live in the outer islands and say they  do not need to lock their doors.  And other friends who lock their place and leave for months with no problems other than tall grass and dirt when they return.  So  let each person judge for them selves. Blessings to you too.

Darryl...  I appreciate your concern and, obviously, anyone making a move to any city, anywhere should be aware of the pros and cons.  Having lived in central D.C. for ten years, I think I can handle Bocas crime.

As far as trash goes, I found the trash problem in Bocas to be much less than other areas of Central American and the Caribbean.  If this is where I end up, I look forward to being a part of the solution.

I love that you want to be part of the solution. We are organizing recycle programs as we speak. Feel free to contact me when you come to Bocas. My sister lives in Sarasota.
and I can help you with real estate.

Anne-Michelle...  My fiance and I will be in Bocas May 31 through June 4.  We actually corresponded by email a few months ago.  I'll follow-up directly in the coming days so we can get together.

Yes I think we did. We are making our annual trip to Colorado to see  kids in May 5-29
So let try to get together Before May 4 for a first meet up.

I just looked you up and we are in communication.  I made a typo in the last email. I will be back May 29 just in time for your arrival. Now I have you on my calendar so we can firm up a meet time soon.

This is really the case to say :"BUYERS BEWARE"

Can't say more


There is no such a thing here  hahaha
BUYER BEWARE   how many times have you heard that?
I know I lived here 8 years so far!!!

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