Excited- hope to meet new people and try new food in Dakar

Hello everyone,
I am a Jamaican, lives I  the USA and looking forward for a Senegal experience. I don't speak French fluently. Read much about Dakar.  Can't wait to meet the people and try the new foods.  Wishing y'all a super great day!

Did you move to Senegal?
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Welcome in SÉNÉGAL

Tell me a bit about you. Where are you from and where are you now.

I am from Sénégal in  Dakar "Hann Mariste ". Sénégal is a very nice country and people are very Lovely. Why do you want To come here?

:) Asalaamu a'laikum. I have been to Dakar 4 times. I was in your neighborhood a week ago. I have however returned to the USA and planning to return and live just outside of Lac Rose in Bonaba. My intentions are to learn French, Wolof & Fula (not sure on the spelling) lol and in teaching English at no charge to the people in Bonoba. Do you know where Bonaba is located?

yeah i know it's outside dakar. Well u will learn french and wolof easily.

Salaams.  I still need to know about  you.  What do you do in Dakar?

I live in Dakar and i work in a financial firm

Hello all!

We are an Indian family going to relocate to Dakar, Senegal shortly. Can you please give me some basic information about the following

Local affordable stores for commodities, veggies, fruits, and meats

Places where children can be taken out for outings

Affordable Schooling for English speaking child

I will be very grateful for guidance provided. Really looking forward to living there and raising my kids the Senegalese way.

Thank you

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