Immigration lawyer needed in varna

Hello house I need the services of a
immigration lawyer in varna. Anybody with some useful advice

Hello, can you tell me what kind of service do you need?

We need to get a visa D for my husband.

What is your husband's nationality, where is his permanent address?


we live in Canada and my husband is Canadian. He needs a visa D in order to stay longer than 3 months. We don't have time to do it from Canada as we arrive July 11th. PLease any advice appreciated!

I'm not a lawyer, but they tend to be pretty strict about the rule of applying where you have residence or citizenship. I've had one friend get a d-visa while in Bulgaria but it was because she had residency here already on a different d-visa, which was running out.

For me I applied for my visa in turkey, came here for a month without a visa, then went back to pick up the visa... guessing that is not an option.

Good luck.

Thanks! Are you American? If you got visa D from Turkey that may be something that my husband can do. I am Bulgarian so you would think that for him to stay in Bulgaria and get a long term stay permit should not be a difficult process...We are trying to find a lawyer who can help with that!

I am American, but I was able to get a d-visa in turkey because I had a long-term residence permit in turkey (I was going to school there). The rule is that you can apply for a visa either where you have a long-stay permit or where you have citizenship. I've heard of people who got residence permits in macedonia (where it's easier) simply to apply for their d-visa to Bulgaria. It sounds a bit roundabout, but maybe could be worth looking into if your husband can't fly back to canada to pick up his visa.

(I also am married to a Bulgarian, and it is quite a bit easier for me to get a visa to Bulgaria than for my husband to get a visa to the US- the process is simple and relatively fast compared to other countries... but there still are laws and procedures that need to be followed. That being said I know how frustrating it can be because I we were terrified that we would have to be separated while I got my d-visa, so I hope you can find a lawyer who can help you through it).

Also, to ask, have you been to the Bulgarian consulate in Canada? When I went with my husband in Turkey, they were very nice and helpful, laying out my options for me. I know consulate workers are not always known for being nice, but it can be helpful for you. Perhaps you will be able to apply when he is there and then have the visa issued in Bulgaria somehow?

Dely75 your husband have to apply for visa D in the embassy or consulate in the country where his residence is if he has dual citizenship or residence in another country he can do that there as well. Apart from that it is impossible its the law.

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