Has anyone received USD from PayPal in Viet Nam, PayPal is refusing to send me USD and wants me to accept VND which their exchange rate is rather low.

Have same problem, seems it's PayPal's policy to pay US $ in Vn Dong, only into a VN Dong account. You cannot use your US $ bank account in Viet nam to receive funds

yes their exchange rate is very low from PayPal in Viet Nam this is the reason why I stop use Paypal

Yes true, it says on their website you can receive in any currency, yet when you say your in VN,it says only VND and the rate is terrible. They told me they are trying to get it changed, but it must be part of the government rules for them to trade in VN.

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The message reads as follows:
I am also recieving money from PAYPSl but, in vietcombank, they ask me if i want in Dong or USD, i ask for USD and I received the money in Crisp Mighty Dollar.

Is that from PayPal.

I sorry i remember now it was via moneygram only..with Pypal which i also have, same trouble i get, not in USD but in Dong..
   My apology...

No problem, I was surprised by your post.

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