Learn Arabic or French?


If I had to learn one language for Morocco, would you say it's better to learn Arabic or French?


surely moroccan arabic to get integrated in the society.

Alright thanks a lot, but I thought everyone speaks French, no?

French for business and work , moroccan darija to know better the culture if you want i can give you a contact of some good tutors


@ Lucymadison17 > Can you please recommend these private tutors in the business directory > Private Teachers in Morocco please? :)



The forum here is mainly to help each other to find whatever is best for everyone,I have placed an add few days ago and Lucy proposed me a teacher saying that he was "very good" ,she is recommending yoututors at 200dh per hour in a country where the minimum wages are 2500dh.
When I replied to the called"Lucy" that I found cheaper she said that this was making use of people lol
So conclusion the called lucymadison and the private tutors she is recommending are the same persons.
I don't mind people promoting their businesses or whatever here but it Dosent look right to me to hide behind different nicknames and new members to promote private tutors for exorbitant prices.
I will report this to the forum admins.
As for the language to learn go for Arabic darija👍🏻🙂 and don't use that "Lucy" tutors

Please read my post regarding this.

I already reported them. In fact Priscilla's post on this thread was a response to my message to her about this member. The reason for my report was I didn't think the account represented the real individual they claim to be. I believe they are the same person, as the tutor they are recommending. In other words, they are recommending themselves, but using a dishonest method.

This was quite obvious, as no student goes to the trouble of creating an account online, to advertise the services of their former tutor. Which is all they've been doing ever since they joined a few weeks ago. So it was quite clear they are not 'Lucy', but 'Hicham'. Quite a difference I must say.

This is not something out of the norm in Morocco. I've come to expect deceit. It seems quite normal.

My general advice to others, which I've said before, is be careful, and never trust what is said. They are prepared to go to any length to gain an advantage. As seen by the example above.

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