Whats the party scene in bahrain? where to go and meet people?

Im looking for new places to hang out meet interesting people but wherever i go people are already in cliques and its really not that crowded just alot of creepy guys.

It's hard to meet new people when you move to a new place but Bahrain is actually quite friendly. There is a huge Pakistani community here and I am sure you will make friends soon, just give it a little time. Also you will meet a better class of person depending on where you go. Try going to some of the hotels in Juffair that have bars and clubs or join some of the groups that are out and about in Bahrain.
A gym is also a good way to meet people

Would agree with Jo and also recommend a club or some place that has events which are designed to get people to interact in ways other than Karaoke.


BUt idont really get along with the pakistani community difference of opinions... and would you recomend which clubs,

Clubs are divided usually by interest and/or population, so that would completely depend on who you are you and your interests.

Here is a quick list from a Google Search. … 11257.aspx

(note - I do not belong to any clubs here, so I am not able to recommend any club in particular)

There's also an expats meet up in April sometime, if no change in plans. You could meet people from different nations and walks of life.

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There are a number of ways to socialize - depends on your interests.

Clubbing - a number of bars and night spots in Juffair. Some hotels also have quiet lounges if that is your liking.
Sports Clubs - I am a member of the Rugby Club. They have social and competitive rugby. Other sports clubs also welcome new members.
Religious Societies - depending on your religious affiliations/preference.
Other interests - running, public speaking, cinema-goers, etc

Not sure what your interests are. Will be happy to be give more specific suggestions.

Good luck!

Night clubs and hotel lounges can be tough.  There are so many "working girls" that many women are uncomfortable going to them.  Stick with nicer hotels.

Please tell me more about this expart meet up in april

Unfortunately, it seems to have been cancelled. 

There are people on this forum who have expressed interest in meeting up.  I would check the forum or perhaps start your own thread and see if it gathers interest.

Best of luck -

Hi everybody,

If you wish to organise a gathering between expats, the events section is at you entire disposal : … in/manama/
You can create an ad for your gathering for free and send invitations to the members found in your contact list.

Do not hesitate to play the role of an event organiser and to contact the members who have expressed their interest in meeting up with other expats.  :top:


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks for the update

I would say Bahrain is really not a hard place to socialise with people in my experience. Many times I have been stood in a bar, club hotel etc and someone has just started speaking to me. Im assuming you have tried clubs and bars and looking for a different answer, my advise would be choose a sport that you enjoy and find a club that you can join and meet new friends through a club. You will find you circle of friends/ people you know will grow exponentially. I hope this helps. :)

Thanks for the reply though, am not a clubbing person, bars are not my thing and being in Bahrain finds me having no social life because most social life is quiete the opposite of me. That's makes me wonder, how I could turn my life adventurous.

Ive just sent my medical cert to the employer. Waiting game now. Will probably meet a couple of you guys at some point

Ive found the first couple of weeks quite boring also but its early days so....What did you do wherever you were before you came here ? Perhaps there are like minded people who would come forward if they knew what you were into.

Movies,, beaches, sports or church

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