moving from Ireland to KL with our dog plus secondary school

Hi all,
We are currently looking for a house that allows  a dog ,for all those expats dog owners did you find it easy to locate a house  that allow your dog plus also looking for advice on good secondary schools for teenage daughter
Many thanks
Roisin 😉

Hi Mr.Quinn near our huse here in kl at bukit damansara setia bhakti 2 got empty houses ready to occupy just search this address for more boss also an Irish nice to meet ur here.

Hi good schools cost 60 to 100k RM per year so is that in your budget?

Malaysian international schools can be a shock to western teenagers. Especially girls as giving it attitude is very unlady like here!

You may wish to consider any financial impact of uni. If you were british i would say a very costly move as treated as overseas student at uni. Ireland I have no idea!

Thanks Nemodot,  :cheers:

We will opt for a British curriculum or American curriculum Intentional School. I guess the cost an enevitability and must be paid - for University, we have a few years yet to decide where best to send our daughter.

Thanks for the tips  :)

Hi Roisin!

This might seem like a bit of an odd response to receive but I have more or less just finished school here in KL and I went to the Alice Smith School. I honestly loved it- the teachers and the entire learning environment was incredible. It's a British International School and they follow the IGCSEs & A Levels systems. They're very academic but they also encourage students to do a lot for themselves outside of the classroom- whether it's sports, or art, music, theatre, etc. I suppose I might be a bit biased but those are my honest thoughts!

You mentioned that you're moving from Ireland and I just wanted to add, I'm a part of the Gaelic Football club here in KL :) We're called Orang Eire and we're always looking to involve new people, so if you and you're family would like to get involved and meet Irish and non-Irish people here in KL, get in touch with us!

Best of luck in your move to Malaysia!

Hi Roishin,

You may check this school below. It is a well reputable British School that you might interest to enrol your child there.

It is located within a residential and commercial project called Desa Parkcity. It is self-contained development with a hospital, club house, International School, restaurants and grocery shop within. It is a perfect place for pet's owner to live in this area as it has a huge park and lake and as well as dog's owner community gather every weekends. Most landlord prefer no pets in their property but some are allowing you to have it. There are some landed property too. 

Hope you find this information helpful :).


Hi Chloe

Fristly thank you for the information, would love to get involved once we are moved, settled Hannah was involved in the girls hurling team a few years ago and has express interest in joining sports again.  :) & I am hoping she ll make friend very quickly as she is quite shy.

I will make appointment to view the school when I'm out in April.
Thank you so much for the helpful information.

All the best
Róisín ☺

Hi Novita

Thank you for taking the time to reply

I will be able to view the area when I'm out in April ..
I have the school on my list also 😉

Thank you

All the best
Róisín ☺

Hi Roisin,

My pleasure :). My daughter is studying in that school and I live around Desa Parkcity also. Let me know if you decided to go to that school I suggested and or staying in Desa Parkcity.

Good luck!


Hi Roisin,

Will your company be paying the fees for an international school? There are many IS around the Klang valley ranging from the cheap covering both UK, US and Australian syllabi. They range from cheap, mid range to more expensive and the quality of education usually goes along with the level of fees.  ISKL, Mont Kiara, Alice Smith, BIS are some of top, however there are also mid range ones such as Tenby Int, Desa Park, etc. You would need to find out the fees level you are comfortable with and go from there.

it will also depend on where you want to live. Having travelled abroad and moved with children many times it is always advisable to live near the school of your choice as traffic in KL can be stressful and take up a chunk of your time if distances are far. You do not need that tbh.

You should also make contact with the St Patrick's Society of Selangor (for Irish Expats). They usually 'sell' ALice Smith (I think one of the committee members is the principal of something like that!). they would also be able to help you.


Thank you for the information
The cost is not an issue with my daughter's education. I will be viewing all British schools hopefully I like one.  ;)

Thanks again


If it were me I would go to the Alice Smith School to be frank I think you should select your living area in conjunction with your working area as traveling between those two can take up a chunk of time. As others have said there are many good schools of varying prices and curriculums so you really have to look at each School individually

regarding your question about dogs, in the Bangsar area, some condos are dog friendly (and the area is dog friendly, you can walk them in the streets), and there are probably lots of houses owned by chinese people who are ok with dogs

1) House/Condo
2) Dog friendly environment
3) International School(Secondary) British C
4) Area which is suitable for expats
     Area which is close by workplace
     Area which is close by amenities
5) Space
6) Gated & guarded community etc

You've got to itemize in order to narrow down suggestions, or else everyone else would be suggesting places in which might not be suitable for you.

Thanks for your reply
I ve found a beautiful house and a great school

Best regards

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Thanks for your post we relocated already and are settling in great

Thank you

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