2800 dollars plus accommodation - Feasible?

My hubby got job in toronto now we are in chennai India and having a 1 yr old baby girl.

the company hiring him told he will work as a contract employee for 1st 3 months and if his performance is good they will make him permenent  or they will give another 3 months

if he is not good in 1 yr they will finish the contract and his work  visa 1yr will be finished he has to come back.during contract 2800 dollars plus accommodation  for single person.

if bevomes permanent means 5k to 7k per month but no accommodation. Is this feasible?

Can we accept this kind of  offers?

Am asking this because here also we have to pay money in consultancy which offered this job

Toronto is an expensive city. Having said that anything is possible depending on your needs and wants. Use to get a feel of the cost of living.

Also Toronto is a big city. Which part will your husband be working in? Certain places like in downtown would make for an expensive rental if you choose to live there. Of course if you live further away, then there is the factor of commute time.

Toronto is a busy city so expect long commute if you live further away. You may get cheaper rentals but have to put up with longer commute.

Also note the salary mention doesn't include the personal income tax deduction. So expect seeing a lower take home amount.

Toronto is an expensive place to live.  Possibly the most expensive city to rent in Canada - except for maybe Vancouver.

5k  should be ok for apartment and 7k should be good for condominium

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