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Hi guys, i'm english but my man is French. we are coming to Hanoi in July and i'm just wanting some advice about what my boyfriend could do as a job. I'm an English teacher so I'm sorted but we are a little stuck for him. His english is fluent but he has no qualifications or expereince so i doubt he could teach english but was thinking maybe just in a bar or teaching French etc? do you have any idea of how easy... or hard that would be? 


I think there are plenty of opportunities. Maybe he can teach French?
He can look for this post at L'Espace; French school and even there are many Vietnamese school which run bilingual program such as Doan Thi Diem, Dien Bien, etc.


Okay thank you for your thoughts, we will have a look

I'm not in any way knowledgeable about Ha Noi since I've never been there but I put a lot of effort into trying to get to know VN in my first 6+ months here and I see lot's of possibilities for new businesses in Vietnam.  I don't know what you are your guy's legal status will be while here but the visa status thing is a hurdle to jump here so I'm not saying that it's super easy to start a business in Vietnam but it's also not impossible. 

On you English job thing [your guy as well if he can find a French teaching job], can I make a suggestion?   Listen, if you have your certification, clearance letter, cv, and id ready.  You can contact some schools and get interviewed / hired to teach English before you leave for Vietnam and your employer can get you setup with a contract, work permit / proper visa arrangement before you arrive....maybe.  I read about it but did not do that so maybe I'm wrong but I think you will be at least 100% better off if you do that so that you can avoid the visa runs and hassles of no WP etc. I wish I had tried to do that in retrospect. Don't forget that lots of teachers are teaching illegally on tourist visas and it's not a problem until someone decides to make it a problem and then you may regret it.   Everything is better in Vietnam if you are compliant immigration/wp-wise, banking, employment,  etc. 
Just some advice if it can be done it's much better than arriving as a tourist.   I'm not an expert but it cost you almost nothing to do the research now and try to land a job before you arrive as you've got just enough time to get it done before a July arrival.  Don't forget to tell you potential employer that you want a minimum one year contractr and work permit.   They will tell you ..'Hey it's not necessary yaddi yaddi.'   IMHO a quality school will be interested in getting you locked up in a contract for a year or more....the lesser schools are always trying to skirt the law often to the expense of the teachers and it's all because the VN don't want to pay a 4 million dong to get you legal.   If a potential school won't give you nothing but pie in the sky promises until you arrive then you should put that school on the backup list and keep hitting up schools which are serious about have a professional relationship with you.  Maybe you get lucky.   Stick to your demands and keep contacting schools and tell them you will only work for them if you get a proper legal package.   

But you do need to get started pursuing immediately as the package can't be thrown together in less than a month's time etc. etc.

Good luck.

Obama is in town. Hopefully he'll get this visa thing straightened out.


Good luck with that one.... :lol:

There are also plenty of french company. I don't know how old is he and what he wants to do in life, but he could apply for a position in those companies.
Schneider Electric has an office in Hanoi for example, but their headoffice is in HCMC...

Bonne chance a lui !

He could apply for free-lance translator after visa translation companies. Translating French documents can be well-paid in Vietnam. He also knows about English,which is one of his advantage for this kind of job. He can be good at teaching English if he starts to work as assistant at English center first. It also depends on his acedemic skills when he works in France. Then he could apply for that kind of professional in Vietnam company or multi-international company in VIetnam. He should consider it soon and grasp opportunity of job recruitment in Vietnam. Normally, from June to July, many companies in Vietnam recruit for various job positions. You can do them well before you leave for Vietnam and mightbe your employer can sign  a contract, you can take work visa to Vietnam or visa arrangement well  before you arrive. Hope that both of you make right decisions.


Your boyfriend also can applied to be a French teacher in some language center such as
- L'Espace: a little hard, cause there are lots of French candidate who applied here
- CFV ( - less well-known than L'Espace but i know there are some French teachers who works here

Or he also can run his own French class in HN. Far as i know, there are some French who open their own language class :D

Bon courage,



Center CFV ( Centre d'Etude Francais - Vietnamien) is looking for native french teacher,
The salary is: 300k/cours (duration 1h30) - is not hight but your man can have a stable job, and they don't really need experience, CFV will prepare the content, subject then send it for teacher.
So if your boyfriend is interested, he can send CV to phapvietcfv[at]

Good luck

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