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Hi Janeth! No need to apologize as I am willing to be of help. Language centers in Lima mushroomed as most Peruvian schools doesn't teach subjects in English (unlike in our beloved country). I tried applying to 6 language schools in Lima, and got disappointed as they pay less, except for one center which pays around Soles 28.00 to Soles 35.00 per hour, depending on your qualification. So far, this center offers the best than others.

Anyway, they didn't ask me to sign a contract, nor offered me a year teaching job, this is because, it is an open secret in Peru that many tourists visit Peru and would find a teaching job, (regardless of their profession, as long as they can speak better English) then just leave. This is very common. In fact, when I politely informed them that i will be leaving Peru the next week, they just said, "It's okay, we will look for a substitute teacher for your class." You may work in Peru without a contract, but you have to exit Peru on or before 183 days of staying there. We Filipinos may stay there for 183 days per year.

I also tried applying in an international school, and of course, international schools would process expats' visa once they are hired. My friend and I planned to visit other places, unfortunately, he got busy with work, so I was able to visit around Lima and nearby metropolitan only. If fate permits, I might visit Peru in July, during my school break here in Malaysia, as we plan to visit other places in Peru.

Peru is a nice country. Trust you can easily find an English teaching job there. But always ask how much the salary they offer and ask for the working days and hours. Also ask them WHEN is pay day. Another thing - as per my experience with my job application, most of center Application Forms are written in Spanish, so, be familiar with the terms direccion (address), pais (country), and etc.  Once again, I hope I had answered your questions. Best of Luck to you, sis!

- Marlyn

Hello Marlyn

Thank you again, that really helps. The conditions for teachers seem to be quite difficult in Peru.

I am still undecided whether to go to Peru or not. Because after 4 years of teaching in Thailand, completing a degree in education here, studying hard to get the Thai teaching license, and finally fighting hard to get a reasonably well paid job there is a lot at stake for me.

Peru attracts me for its culture, the similar colonial history than the Philippines, and I think that the Andes are really beautiful. Additionally they offer permanent residency for people that work there legally for 2 years. That's something that Thailand does not offer. I am welcome in Thailand as a foreign worker because they are in need but they will never let me stay here forever and be part of them. I have the impression that Peru is friendly and open towards foreigners and if you can work there for 2 years legally Peru will let you stay there and really settle.

Maybe I will just go to Peru during the school break and see if I can get a teaching job that offers a 1 year contract. Getting this kind of contract is the condition for me to stay in Peru and to give up what I have here in Thailand.



Hi there,

I am currently here in Chile and will be visiting Peru first week July. It would be nice if I can meet some Filipinos there to hang out with. Am planning to stay there for 10 days and will be renting an apartment at Miraflores.  My Whatsapp  ***


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Hey Robert, sent you a personal message earlier. I am a Filipino currently working here in Chile. I will be visiting Lima for the very first time and I am kind of wondering if there is a Filipino group out there that I can hang out with. It is good to know that you are a Filipino. I am renting an apartment at Miraflores for 10 days maybe.  I also worked and lived in the US before coming to South America. Been here for almost 10 years. Here is my Whatsapp number:  ***


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Hi, this is a post for Robert. My name is Ray. I’m a pinay living in Canada. I’m curious to know what your experience is like working in the construction industry in Peru?

I’m an apprentice carpenter and thinking of moving to Peru after I get some experience here in Canada. Would be very helpful to get firsthand information from someone who is living in Peru and working in the Trades.


Hi Melvi, I am a Filipina and will be travelling there this november in good chance. I have Peruvian bf and i would love to meet you and your wife. Hope to get in touch.

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