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Hi   l have  been in  Pasig city  for a  year and  half.  Time for a  change. Batangas City  is  my  target. Anyone  live  there  or  near. Who  can give me  info  of  area.  Rent   ect     thanks

Hi! I have been in Batangas City quite a few times for some reasons. Have you been to Batangas City and liked it there, that's why you have decided to move there?

Never  been  there   .   Sounds  like  a  good  spot. There  is Philippines  immigration  there.. Makes  my  visa  extension  easier..

I see. It was convenient for that time to go there since I was living in Lipa City, Batangas. What I did not like about  my experiences in going to Batangas City is the hot weather maybe because it's near the sea. But you lived in Pasig, maybe you could tolerate the heat.

Gee   is  it  that  hot?   How  is  Lipa  City?   For  living.. I am retired .. Just  looking  for  studio  apt  near  food  store  in  relaxed  area.. Pasig  is  to  congested

Bi has an office there here is there info:
Direct Line(s) 043-723-2784
Facsimile Numbers(s) 043-723-2784
E-mail Addresses: bi_batangasdistrictoffice[at]
Office Address Division Road, Barangay Bolbok
Batangas City

Thanks for   Bi info

Lipa is higher compared to Batangas City, that is why the temperature is more forgiving than Batangas's. It could be really cold sometimes. Maybe you could stay in Lipa and just go to Batangas for your visa concerns since Batangas is just 30mins to an hour away from Lipa, though it will still depend on the traffic situation.

Thanks    would  you  recommend  Lipa  city   vs  Batangas City?   I guess  I  need  to  take  a  trip  down  there.   Stay  a few  days . Check  area  out

I think choosing between Lipa and Batangas would make me give you a biased answer since I lived in Lipa for 4 years and I was just in Batangas a few times. Yes, I think that would be the best solution. Check the areas out yourself. Maybe you'd have a different experience and opinion than what I have.

You  still  in  Lipa  ? Thanks  for  your  advise

I'm in Makati now because I work here. But I go there sometimes to visit my friends.

Wow   Makati   not  far from  me... Pasig  city... I go  there  every  2 months  for  immigration... U got  friends  there.. Maybe  u or  they  could  advise  me  to  good  area  to find  rent     thanks

What type of accommodation are you looking for? Because there are commercial real estate there like Camela, Calmarland, etc. Or are you looking for an apartment for now? If you are planning on staying for a short period of time for your first visit, I know a transient dorm you can stay in.

Thanks  for  your  time.. I have  found  a  apt  in  Santo Tomas..  Batangas..  Looks  good  online   going  to  see  it  this  Sunday.. Hopefully  this  will  work    thanks  again

That's great! I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

Salamat po   hopefully  this  will  ba  last  move

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