Visa Problem (LMRA System Not working)

I had applied my daughter visa almost 20 days before  but not getting. I heard that there is problem in LMRA to issue the visa in these days. Can someone advise whats the issue when it is going to solve.

There were some people here not long ago who were also very concerned about their visa progress.

They were advised to just stay the course and the visa will come through...and it did, though it was shortly later than they would have liked.

Unfortunately it is impossible to tell anyone exactly when they will receive their visa, or if they will receive it.  You have to be patient, as sometimes things just take a little longer here.

Best of luck on a positive outcome

Thank You :)

hi all ,hw to chuck about black list bharain  visa   ?

the below link should give the details … BIS9nQSEh/

But there are chances that even if the name is not in the list, there could be a travel ban and there is no way for an individual  to know about it, unless you try to travel and you are not allowed.


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