I´m moving to Kenya with my 3 kids and I´m looking for a good and not so expensive school. We are from Brazil, therefore is not so important if is a french, Uk or american school, as long as it works and  being in our budget.
thank you :)

In my experience, international schools tend to be rather costly when compared to Kenyan system schools.

I have experience of the UK system via the Braeburn group, which have a number of schools in Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya. Our (UK born) grandaughter lives with us. We were initially keen for her to follow the UK curriculum. However we found the school to be very expensive for what we were getting. Discipline standards were poor (like a British school actually).

We enrolled her into a Kenyan school (Mount Kenya Academy, Nyeri) and she is actually getting a better education at less than 1/4 of the price. We are very happy.....Kenyan education is of a high standard, as is the expectation of discipline and good behaviour.

Thanks : ) I will look for that school !

Hi Daniela, Mount Kenya Academy is in Nyeri, which is a 2.5 to 3hr drive from Nairobi. Its a very nice school, but your children would have to board there.

Longonot62 I saw it !! :(    Unfortunately I will have to look for a school in Nairobi, do you know any?

Oshwal school parklnads is good school

Nairobi International school - its in Nairobi Lavington off James Gichuru Rd

Hi Daniela,
Consider Rusinga Schools and Riara Group of Schools. They are good schools too.

Tjanks, I will :)


Thank you :)

try braeburn ( school in garden estate,kiambu road near runda or in lavington branch. also try potterhouse school runda or Nairobi international school(Americans) in kitisuru near VILLAGE MKT LIMURU RD BRANCH

thank you, but is so expensive!!! I cannot afford :(

I was going to say that those schools are so expensive mwaniki500.  We had a child at a Braeburn School and to be honest, the vast cost did not give value for money.

Daniela, it sounds to me as if you will have to consider a Kenyan (8-4-4) school for your children.  These are generally much cheaper than international schools (where the fees are likely to be paid by employers).  At the right school, the education standard is high and a good level of discipline maintained.  Teaching will be in English and Kiswahili, so bear this in mind.

hello,they are very expensive but if try potterhouse school in runda its is less cheaper or royalbrains   school in ruaka near runda  research on them

Daniela, qual a idade dos seus filhos?

Hi Daniela! You should get in touch with the Brazilian Embassy and ask them to give you contacts of other Brazilians there. They are all very welcoming and will do all they can to help you gather the information you need.  My only advise on schools is that, you should consider having them all in the same school, if possible, because morning rush hour can be challenging. If you have the chance to decide on the school first and then, on the housing, it would be better!! Good luck, Hakuna Matata and enjoy!

Thanks for your answer, I a m really considering the Kenyan school, the international ones fot my concern are so so expensives that I cannot imagine what they teach ;) Longonot62

I will do that, Thanks for your tip ;) Kikoisa

Kikoisa, meus filhos têm 5, 7 e 9 anos

St. Christopher's Schools is quite good. My nephew studied there and now he is at the secondary school. It has preparatory, kindergarten, primary and secondary. Compared to other schools that offer British curriculum education, their fees are quite reasonable. They also have scholarships. You can check out their website at and see if you like it.

St. Andrew's, Turiucation you are looking for. As Longot62 explained, international schools can be costly but they provide a seamless continuation of education. You can enroll your children in a school offering the Kenyan education system, but what if you move to another country again? Will your children be forced to start over? Anyway, maybe you have already selected a school, but if you haven't check out St. Andrew's, Turi. It is one of the oldest....and it is a Christian school. A lot of their students get educational scholarships from organisations like Beacon Scholarship.

<<You can enroll your children in a school offering the Kenyan education system, but what if you move to another country again?>>

This would be relevant, if you are aiming to return to the US or UK, for example.  In our case, we felt that the UK curriculum school (Braeburn Imani) was lacking in terms of socialising and disciplining children - basically just like a British School - and the cost was so much higher than an 8-4-4 school.  We were unable to see what value we were getting.  Plus they didn't teach Kiswahili, as its not on the UK curriculum.

Our granddaughter made the switch easily to 8-4-4 (Mt Kenya Academy) and actually 8-4-4 educated kids make the switch to overseas universities very easily.

Longonot62, I think you are stereotyping all international schools based on your experience with one school. Braeburn is one of the widely popular international schools in Kenya but there are some that offer value for money. That was my point.

Hi there why cant you try to lighter academy it a nice school

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