where to live?

Hello everyone.

My husband and me, including our kids, are moving to Nairobi in the next few days. My husband is going tomorrow and I probably will move in next month.
I was looking for houses or apartments and I´m wondering where´s the best neighbourhood to live? I really wanna mix with the local culture but I also need be close to nice schools. When I mean nice that´s not necessarily the expensives ones. So, what do you say to me? Any tip? Wich are the good places and not so expensive ones?

thanks :)

I would say that being close to your preferred school is a must, as daily traffic jams can drastically lengthen the school day.

Lavington is a good area with a good number of schools, for example.

Nairobi isnt cheap. Realistically, all the better, most secure areas, where you would be recommended to live also have the most expensive housing (Westlands, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Valley Rd area, to name a few). 

To keep costs down, you should look to rent an apartment.

i think you should live in Westlands

Consider hurlingham, kilimani, ngong road....they are fairly reasonable.

Welcome to Nairobi.

Let me know when you will Nairobi. .We will welcome you

Hi everyone,

@ Mohammed Imran 1705,

thanks for your kind words. If you have any information on what DanielaMilani asked, please do share, it will be much helpful if you could suggest a few good places to live.
All the best,

Hello the cheapest place to live in is in Runda estate because its also easy to commute to the city and also I can recommend a governess for your kids , house chores and also cooking she has an experience of 6 years and she has all her recommendations from her previous bosses she is Ms.Janet Ngina her contact is xxx hoping to hear from you soon .
Thank you.

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Runda is one of the most expensive estates in Nairobi!!

If you're looking for a cheap place yet also accessible, I'd recommend Mountain is in close proximity to the city centre,well supplied with social amenities and housing there is relatively cheap compared to other residential area.don't hesitate to send a message if you need further clarifications or find the information useful.

I recomend , Ngong Road, Kilimani, and or Karen Area. These places are quite family friendly , cost is also  acceptable and best still you get to mix with locals and learn more.

Karibu Kenya.

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