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I'm looking to do a language exchange with a native Arabic speaker to improve my Arabic and vice versa with anybody that wants to improve their English with me.


Hi Jasmine,

i suggest that you drop an advert in the Language exchange in Cairo section of the website. Interested members might get in touch with you easily.

All the best

Hey Jasmine! I'd like to have a language exchange with a native English speaker English for Arabic drop me a message if your are interested. Have a good day !

hi me too wish to exhcange arabic vs english

Hello Jasmine , it will be a great pleasure for me to help you understanding the arabic language , feel free to message me if you are interested :)

Hi Jasmine , it will be a great chance to do so . Feel free to contact me

i see also that you are interested in studying Arabic , i'm organizing weekly meeting for language exchange if you want to learn Arabic while you stay in Egypt , it’s available now and
it’s not a course and it's for free
you can exchange your language with Arabic for free if you are interested you can join us through this link

Come to learn, teach, and make new friends


kindly fill the application :

Why you should join Fair Trade Language Exchange ? Ask them!

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I'm in :)

great -let us start it ,, how can i contact u to arrange it

hey Jasmine
Any luck with what you were looking for ?

I think you better specify your accommodation area so it can assist in the decision of whom you're going to depend on as you might be staying in the new Cairo while someone who offers his language exchange partnership lives in 6Th October on the other side of Cairo, it's only a suggestion.

if you need help with Arabic I got you...
but my English is off the hook babe.

Hello jasmine..i'm ready for language exchange ..msg me if u r interested..also if u r in Egypt and lookin' for a job just lemme know:)

hi Jasmine, I am in Cairo for language exchange I and my wife,Skype orpersonal contact: tel& whatsAp xxx.

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i'd love to ,i'm director of studies in a 5 branch brand , very good at Arabic  can do TAFL teaching Arabic as a foreign language and would love to improve my English my phone my number is  **and my name is Ayman feel free to call then we can arrange that also i can provide you with a job as an English teacher if you want to

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hi, i hope that :

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Hi there!
I'd like to exchange my Arabic for your English.

first off, I can give you the background of formal Arabic and the informal Egyptian with the appropriate idioms and phrases and of course the right proverb equals.

I only lack the fluency of speaking. That's why i am here.

hey ,
if u still looking for Arabic native speaker to improve your language and in return i can improve my language. i would be pleased .
P.s i used to teach Arabic language to foreigners .


yes jasmine i can help you out

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the proper section of the website by dropping your own advert if you are keen on exchanging language or helping out : Language exchange in Cairo

Thanks in advance,

Hello dear,
Regarding the language exchange I am interested since I don't practice English a lot, would like to help if u are interested contact me



My name is Haitham, 33 years old, previous tour guide in 2012
and I'd like your post to languages exchanges

my best regards

Anytime sweet Teacher and whenever you're ready :)

Am ready send me a msg if interested

me too i need exchange  too

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the appropriate section of the website by either browsing through the existing adverts or by dropping your own advert so as you actually find someone interested in language exchange.

- Language exchange in Cairo

All the best,

i would like to express my interest in your request.. it will be my pleasure.


I am Michael, and I am looking for someone to enhance my English language, I am Arabic and I wonder if you  can exchange Language with me.

hello , jasmin , i am fluent in english and currently working as an english teacher ,, i would be more than happy to help u with arabic , if ur still searching please let me know , thank u

hello jasmine .
i am mohamed , a chemist from egypt , live in maadie , nice to meet you , wish we can help each other in a good way for language exchange .
waiting your reply .

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i am ready to exchange language with you and my original language is Arabic and i like to improve my English

i can do it for free and i have experience in teaching foreigners .. please contact me


can we make it friend .. im really need it
also i can learn u arabic :)

i like to improve my English and i will be happy if i can contact you to exchange language

Sorry butt am in Menofia

hello hope to have the chance to talk together

iam ready for you

contact me

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