Anyone from pakistan

Is there any pakistani doctor in this forum
And have settled in copenhagen plz let me know
Good to be here
Take care

Hi Zeenatjaffer,

Welcome on board  :)

Any specific questions you would like to ask ? Feel free to post them, if a Pakistani doctor or any other member has the information, they will surely provide you with their feedbacks.

All the best

Thanxz bhavna ....i feel like family now hearing from you i appreciate your friendly gesture ....actually my hubby is from pakistan ....we have recently applied for denmark green card scheme and estimated time to get the process done is 8 months i was just looking for a help for job in medical field for him .....

No matter what country we all belongs to ....above all we are under 1 sky and 1 lord we believe in...and all neighbouring country so thats makes us united you hun

And we can be a great help and support for each other

Maybe these sites could be of interest to you: … e-service/ … e/denmark/


Thats really nice of you Nellie

Surely will go through it ...

Thankz alot
Stay blessed

You'll get information about the formal requirements here: … -procedure

You'll also have to pass a test in Danish before you can practice: … oever.aspx
Unfortunately, you can only see the requirements in Danish, so you'll have to rely on Google Translate: … -procedure

If you don't speak Danish, you should learn the language first. Check out e.g. Medicolink, a Danish healthcare recruitment company looking for doctors. They also teach Danish language for the successful applicants.


I have no words to thank you for amazing information ,  I am really thankful to you  .

Dear my hubby is an ENT SPECIALIST with 17 yrs plus experience our application is in process and by the grace of God by nov will get the process done with all registration so that he can practice now our main aim is to learn danish and next step is to find job ..probably by end of year by the grace of God will be flying with family

Hope all go welll and fall on its proper place by the grace of Almighty.

Thanks alot  .

Dear Zeenat,

First of all Congratulations regarding your application being in  process of acceptance.
Me and my husband are in a similar scenario as yours and are looking forward to move to Denmark.
I am a dentist and He is IT Consultant from Pakistan with 10 yrs of Exp.

Would you mind if I ask you which module of IELTS should we take in order to apply for a Green Card Scheme in Denmark? No information is available with the official website and we are confused between the two types of tests i.e. Academic Module and General.
Our purpose is solely to migrate as skilled worker and get a job there.

Thanking in advance for your advise,



Dear Nellie,

I just wanted to say Thank you for these wonderful links. We are planning to move to Denmark and this came up as lucky strike to us as I was looking for help with language issues.

Best Regards,

Hello Nellie,

Can you also help me with the IELTS (Academic or General test) issue for Green card scheme of Denmark?

Thanks in anticipation,

Zasad … sation.htm … k-uddannet

Please, take everything into consideration before coming to Denmark. Denmark isn't a country where the jobs grow on trees and as foreigners (with a few exceptions) it is not enough to speak English, but you have to speak a good Danish.


I think our posts have crossed each others.  :)

I know nothing about the IETLS  :(

I would contact Medico Link  before trying to apply for a GC. I am not sure that the GC is the way to go. You shall anticipate that it will take you two years to speak Danish professionally.

No reason to come to Denmark as a GC holder just to work in a restaurant as dishwater or taxi driver (which many of the highly educated GC holders do) because even you aren't fussy, the pay will not be high enough to allow you to stay. Therefore I would search the market for relevant IT jobs to get an impression of the market. If the job advertisement is written in Danish, they want a Danish speaking person, so just google in English and see what will pop up. Some skills within IT are very sought, others not, so it will be a good idea to find out before applying for a GC.


Thank you Nellie for these practical suggestions :)

Hello dear Zasad

My dear no need of  english test for denmark immigration
As far as english test is concern so for immigration to europe for skilled worker  academic goes with it general is just for other dependent visas

For life in denmark only we need is to learn danish
Do visit danish101class on google

U can call me anytime
I am in maldives at present

Good to hear from you
Tak ,
Hej Hej

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Dear Zeenat, great to know that. I will text you through my watsapp :) Lovely meeting you!

:( Unfortunately, From Pakistan, what we understood is we have to apply to Denmark authority with a score of 100 out of 185 . For this 40 points come from IELTS. And we are confused, which IELTS is that as there are two types of this test  :huh: super confused!

Nellie my friend
Du er en god person .
Neg det var min fornòjels
I havnt seen you but iam sure Du er sej and smuk as u help everyone

Det var fantastik to have you as friend
I am learning lil words of danish

Hyggelit at mòde dig
Hej hej with more new phrases
Love you .

Sweetheart nothing like that
We too have applied from pak
Will talk on watsapp call or imo viber
In detail about it
Dont worry
Its all gods plan
He make us all meet for somereason
So relax
Where there is a will there is a way
Catch u on wataapp do add me

Insha Allah...Lemme add you :D

I noted a wrong number and it wen under review :( I can't see your number here. My gmail is similar to my user name here BTW :D  I hope they don't pull back my message now...

:( Nellie, why was Zeenat's message pulled back. I need her number :( We'll delete it in sometime...Please restore it

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Asalamo Alaikum

This is Zeeshan from Karachi Pakistan.

I am also  arriving in Denmark as Green Card holder in April inshALLAH and would like to add your family in my social network.

I am 35, Masters from UK, father of two and would feel privileged your family to be in our social network .

Best wishes for your family.


Salamun Alikum ,
Good to hear from you
Sure it will be our pleasure to be a part of your social network
Plz do add us

Thats really great newz inshallah all our good wishes are with you bro.

Keep in touch
Best regards
Zeenat .

Hello to all, nice to find recent applicants from Pakistan  :)   anyone applied in feb'2016 .? share your timeline.

for the danish green card
must be 18 years education
3 years exp
must be ielts 6.5

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