where can i share my feeling?

i got seriously again and again with the same story.but this time i can not share to my family my best friend and pop media, cos i do not want to make who know my situation again cos it still foolish.
this blog i share cos i do not know all.just want to share how it hurt how can stand with this place?
when i can get new place?
i need to move job with currently place as soon as.
if god got my story and help me to move up please?


Could you please give us some more information about what it is you want.

Are you looking for a new job?
If so check the jobs section top of this page, ask your friends if they know of a job for you or try a Google search.

Dear stumpy,
thanks you for your cmt, i just want to have friend that never know before talk and share

hi Nitanuon, ou can share your feelings with us and there's not reason for you to feel uncomfortable about it. I assume you have some problems to share or some questions to ask. Can you give us a background of you?

thanks you your support me.

It's pretty hard to address someone's problem most especially if you don't really share what do you really want or what exactly your problem that you do want to share with everyone here.

I hope you would consider getting a good job before moving about, otherwise it would hurt your pocket and expenses here might cost more than country of origin.

It is better if you are married to a local  here.

There are many factors to consider before moving about.  If you want to share more pm to me.

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