Looking for new friends to hang out with!

Hi all,

I figured I'd create another newer 2016 thread for those who are new to Shanghai/still looking for more friends!

I'm an ABC (American Born Chinese) and am in my young twenties. Some of the things I like to do include eating out, dancing, rock climbing, watching movies, clubbing, etc. I'm currently pursuing entrepreneurship and would love to speak with any others in the field as well! Feel free to respond/message me here and hope to make some new friends soon :)

What business?


Welcome to the forum.

As a new member perhaps introduce yourself so that members will feel comfortable answering any posts of yours.

Hi jz,
I'm Chinese. I'm not a business girl, and actually know nothing about that. But I love to make new friend, and maybe we can:)

Hi,i am Alex,and i am native chinese.:) pleased to meet you here.message me if you would like to make friends.

I'm in a similar situation to yours, message me if interested

Hi ,
My names Alex, i have been living in HK for many years and now moved to Shanghai. Also looking for new friends to hang out with.
Let me know if interested,

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