Problems with getting visa

Dear All, i need help...i need long tirm visa, but mogamma every time making visa which is not more then a month, i feel a bit tired to go to mogamma every month, i feel like im going to work. i need any suggestions, offers, options, how i can make visa not less then half a year(6 months). im not married, so i cant  make marriage visa, and i dnt have work, which can provide me with working visa, i have work, but they cant help me with visa, and i also dnt own flat or big bank account.

Thank you all for help!

its so random and unorganised

yes, unfortunately its very randomly and very unpredictable...

Whats your original country? Because usually they give renewal of three months.

well, usually they must do this, but still everything upon their their mind and mood))

Yes unfortunately, last time they did not give my husband visa because he had a 6 month visa so they said your only allowed to come to Egypt for 6 months in one year. And they kept giving me three months so now I will see what happens as we have returned. Also they gave my friend whose from north Africa country also 4 months so it depends maybe on the mood lol

ohhh yea...i understand you so much....this mogamma makes for me huge headache, running from one window to another window, to another window, then working day is finishing then next day, and on next day everything exactly the same and in the end of all this sufferings im getting one month visa...its really crazy...and they dnt give any note or explanations why just one months...

are you egyptian citizen ?

hello karem...hmmm its very strange question....if im asking about help with visa and i describe everything in post,u can easily understand that im not egyptian citizen.pls read more carefully the post and all above comments....
Thank u!

I always get a one year visa in Luxor for years this year no visas........they gave me a interview with the security which they said will be in 2 weeks but other people I spoke too said it took them 4 months to get an interview........until then you live with no visa just a mark in your passport, lady there was saying you said 2 weeks it has been a month I want to know if you are giving me a visa or not they said wait for interview with security........there were several men there fighting because they did not give their wife's you have to wait for interview with the security then go back to the visa office to see how long you get a visa lady was given a 1 week vise and advised to leave Egypt............ they stopped giving visas at the airport for a while but are doing it again for a short while then will give them on line they can denie you with no face to face problem.......also you will not be able to board a plain with out a visa to Egypt................they do not want foreign people living here for long periods of times..........America turned the world against letting Egyptians in to their countries saying they did 9/11 when they did now Egypt is turning the tables and keeping people out of the country .......the longest you will get is three months...........I do not blame Egypt but I love Egypt and want to stay here now you know the rest of the story........maybe some time in the future it will change but for now....that is the way it is........hope all can a just to the new rules.......

it depends from which country are you from, there are countries where visa cannot be renewed beyond 3 months let alone 6, u have to do it monthly. can you tell me from which country are you

maybe that is true............................................. the German lady's got one year from date they got 7 month vise.........some still have not had the date with security one lady not have a contract for her flat told her to go back and get lady Swiss got 6 months visa.......have not got mine yet but have had a medical problem so have not gone yet to see if it is man with his family from America and wife pregnant  got a 3 month vise and he works in Egypt...........American lady got 3 months....and four older ladies that applied for their younger husbands to go to America with green card got Egyptian friend visiting Egypt with his green card was told he could not leave but his wife went to see all the right people and his company in America helped and finally he was let go back to we will see what goes on

do you have friends in Luxor???????  if you do let me know I can give you some ideas

Karim, how can she be an egyptian citizen when she have problems about egyptian visa, please think well and read with understanding its common sense in anyway

I got a 5years visa in 2013 without any problems, my husband who is egyptian is the one who went for a 10minutes interview i was present but not needed, it was a really easy process hamdullah, may it be easy for everyone of you

all rules have changed ......I was at the passport office and men were there fighting because their wife's only got one year even after they saw the security and some still not have a lady took 4 months for interview and then only got 6 months visa had to go back in 3 months.........every one different... I will be very curious as to see if you get another 5 year visa.........................every thing so different laws new rules.......

Hello Olga
I asked a lawyer friend and described the case to him and he can help as he have some relations in mogammaa.
but he want to know some information about since when you are here in Egypt and stuff related to the previous visas.
if you still have the issue contact me please

Thank you all, for you help and comments!)))i appreciate that so much)

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