Any body need information about Portugal residency card?

Please give me your viver/whatsapp number?? Mirzaisrar

Hi. My number is xxx.  Please call me on whatsapp.

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Who r u?r u Mirzaisrar?

If someone buys an apartment is it ok to get residency for a non eu citizen


Hello good evening.
I thing you are  Indian.
So if you have no problem can you please contact me on what's app on this number; ***

Actually I am also staying in Portugal and I dont know much about the rules and regulations, so it will help me out in many ways

Thank you

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Hi Good day
I am going to visit italy can i apply for portugal residency card if yes can you please explan me the procedure

Hi  :)

So glad I have found someone who can assist me.  There are so many different answers on the expat forums that it is confusing on what to believe.

We, my husband and I are moving to Portugal on the 15th of January 2018, on a retirement visa, which I have received from the Portuguese Consolute in Johannesburg. RSA.

We have been told that we can only apply for an appointment to see SEF on our arrival. My question is can we obtain a FISCAL number as soon as we arrive, or do we need to see SEF first.  Have heard that the waiting period to see SEF is very long (we will go to the one in Setembul).

Any help on the way ahead would be really appreciated.


"retirement visa" do not exist in Portugal
non-european citizen cannot live in Portugal with a non existing visa....

Maybe retirement was the wrong word, we are pensioners and have "a visa" which allows us to enter Portugal for 4 months (not a Schengen visa, this visa only allows us into Portugal) and once there we go to SEF to apply for a residential visa.

However that was not my question, my question is....... can we obtain a FISCAL number as soon as we arrive, or do we need to see SEF first.  Have heard that the waiting period to see SEF is very long (we will go to the one in Setembul).

Any help on the way ahead would be really appreciated

Hi we are a German/Italian couple that would like to "retire" in Portugal. Our idea is first to rent a place, then look around and finally buy a house. We also plan to invest in properties to get some rental income. What is the procedure to obtain "Permanent Residency", perhaps via "golden visa"? Any help highly appreciated!
We lived in South Africa for the past 30 years but are fed up with corruption and crime and just want to enjoy our time left.

Hi mate add me on what’s app my number is ***
I need residency card
Thank you

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As you have lived in SA for the past 30 years then I take it your are SA citizens?

This is what we did. Contact the Portuguese consulate relevant to were you live. We live in Gauteng so we contacted the Consulate which is situated at Portuguese House, 11 Ernest Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma 2026. Tel 011 622 0645. Explain that you would like to go and live in Portugal on a Pensioners Visa and ask them if they would send you the list of documents required to apply. Speak to Adalberta, she is very helpful.

If you have EU passports then it is an entirely different matter.

Go into the following link for further assistance

Good luck!

tourist or living here?

Portuguese residency program is not the same thing as Visa to enter for holidays or even to conduct some business for a short period of time.
Why a fiscal number if you are only tourist and have no autorization to stay here for more than 3 months ? Makes zero sense.

Do your work for SEF or for any Portuguese Consulate?

I have a specific visa NOT a tourist visa (because I applied as a pensioner) that  was issued to me in South Africa via the Portuguese Consulate  in SA. All documentation to apply for this visa was sent to SEF, who in turn authorized my entry. 

I have received the relevant information that I require regarding my FISCAL number.

Good morning all,

1- any one from Pakistan enters Portugal on schengen can he get residency if yes how long and what’s the process and cost.....
2-british citizen wants to move there how long it will take to get the residency and after that how long it will take to bring his wife from Pakistan
Process time and cost please

3- living cost in Lisbon and business there as well (marble onyx handicraft products).


Thank you.

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I am interested to get Portugal residency card .
Can you pl send your email address and your contract number I need to speak to you

Dr Ashraf … s-proprios

ok its good.
thought they killed this program.

I am Mohamed.
I am living in Maputo. My wife is Portugal citizen
We are going to shift to Lisbon this year. We are married 3 years. Can I apply for my residence card? Or direct for nationality?

Hi Portugal first recidency card can go to work out of Portugal in Europe zone ??
If company give a contract can do work...

i want to apply portugal residency permit.


I need information .

Yes I got my fiscal number when I was just visiting before applying to anything

hi what advantage is there if my marriage is registered in portugal im a non eea citizen .does it help in any way to get a visa ,if my wife resides in the uk but id like a visa to portugal as id like to go look at property to buy or rent .any advice

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