Anyone in Al Bustan compund (Riyadh)? Looking for friends

Hello Hello Hello,
I'm new to Riyadh, just been here a few weeks. I'm wondering if anyone here lives in Al Bustan compoud in north Riyadh? I have a few mates living in the south of the city but the commute is quite long to see them.  So far it's been hard to meet people here - it seems very family orientated. Don't want to come across as clingy either  :D  but if theres anyone here who fancies the odd coffee and chat let me know.

Unfortunately not in said Compound
Welcome to Riyadh

I just arrived Al-Bustan a few days ago.
Looking forward to becoming part of the community.
Take care,

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Not from Albustan but love that place! Hope you found some people by now.

welcome in Riyadh
first of all introduce yourself Please

Introduce myself where, here? I did :)

Welcome n Saudi Arabia
Hope u enjoy n Riyadh & u like it
Any help don't hesitate ..

I have just moved into Al Bustan
I would like to make new friends also
Drop me a line whenever you like

Not from Bustan, but if you wanna hang out for coffee just let me know.

Welcome to kingdom!

well... that sounds exciting i would like to...

Not from bustan .. but I live at the north f Riyadh .. I 'd love to hang out ....

I don't live in bustan but I will also love to hang out. I'm new to Riyadh and looking for friends and fun

Same here !! PM me if you want to meet

Was in albustan but moved out .

Welcome in Saudi Arabia
Hope you enjoy in Riyadh & if you wanna
Any questions  don't hesitate ..

Pm me

I’m in DQ if anyone wants to hang out for coffee. Drop me a message

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