english native speaker in Odense

I am looking for an english native speaker in Odense for my 6 years old daughter. We are a german dannish family and speak often english at home, so she can fluently 2 languages and started on english. We thought that playing or doing other activities communicating in english 1 per week would help a lot.


You may want to post am ad in Language Exchange section of the site.


Hi I am an Englishwoman I am hoping to move to odense soon with my Danish boyfriend and our two children (my son is 5...6 in May). We Are just trying to find a place to stay but when we do I would be interested in this!

Hi Christina,
sounds great, write when you come to Odense!
Best wishes Irena

hej sorry for hijacking this post , but are there fb groups where one can get casual jobs in odense ? moving there in sep with my wife and daughter :) thanks

not sure, but try this group : Expat Parents in Odense

thanks alot , :)

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