Meet up in April 2016- looking for new friends and catch up


I'm an old timer to Marrakch ! Been coming and going now 10 years. Gets boring after awhile withthe same things.

I'm over for a week in April 3rd, it would be nice to meet and make some new friends, they say variety is the spice of life.

Is there anything happening in Apri?

If anyone free, can arrange a dinner of coffee meet up, ideally like to make new female friends !

I'm in my 40s and have a small daughter, good to just merry other women single, married or have kids ! Discuss any business ideas, things to do wth a small girl, good restaurants, interesting books of travel, nice places to go to meet new people !

Anyone keen to meet me in April inbox me and we can arrange a few things !

Also need a babysitter, so if anyone knows a good babysitter for 5 yr old so I Can get out abit to play and entertain her, let me know !


I would love to meet up!  How about this weekend

@ nabilforyou, ros is looking for female friends and in kech in April

@ros, nice idea. Just sent me an pm when you want to meet.

It says April

Did you read what I wrote ?

Nice to meet you.

did you find someone one rossroysse

how r u
we can be fiends this is sara

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