Tips and advice to thrive in Tunisia


When living in a foreign country, you have to adapt to a new environment, various cultures and different social codes.

How did you manage to adjust to Tunisia?

How long does it take to feel at home? Would you say it is an easy process?

According to you, what is key for a successful integration process in Tunisia?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience!


I don't think you can, unless you become Muslim.

Hi David,

Can what ? Can you give us some details please ?

This subject is a general one launched on all forums of the website to gather infos from expats already there, so that those who will be making the move or considering to make the move may get an idea.

All the best

Getting to know your neighbours is the most important.Realise the differences and embrace them.We are the only non Muslims in our village and it has never been a problem.We live in Kerkennah and everyone goes out of their way to be helpful.

I agree with clumberdog - I am not a Muslim but have never found discrimination but then I do respect that I am living in an Islamic country!

Always good to keep such a reputation in Tunisia: christians, jews and muslims living together peacefully (even if the tunisian society is thought to be made of near 95% muslims). Currently, Tunisia has a vibrant civil society working hard towards more rights for minorities.

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