3 months after getting driving licence in oman

Hi all,

I got my licence before a week ,and thanks to the lord i could get soon. i hear from many that who suggest me not to drive more for 3 month as if something goes wrong like accidents then licence will be cancelled. so please can anyone give an idea on the rules and the precautions to be followed initially.

Thank you

Congrats. Getting license here is something like a great achievement in life.
Can any one please suggest a good teacher.

thank you, please mention the area your looking for an instructor would help people to suggest you to your convinience.all the best.

Hi deemonisha,

The whole idea of going through the ordeal of getting a local driving licence is to be able to drive !

To totally stop driving for 3-months is not a good idea. Yes, you have to be careful while driving now, since you are a fresher and you will not have your instructor sitting beside you to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Unless you start driving how will you get familiar ? Drive by all means. But do be very cautious and careful while driving.

To begin with drive more on Friday mornings, when the roads will be literally empty. Choose roads with less traffic. Get familiar with the roads and roundabouts and how to negotiate them.

Once your confidence builds, then go with the flow ! But always remember what you were taught. Follow lane discipline. Maintain the prescribed speed limits. Follow all rules, irrespective of whether there are other vehicles on the roads or not. And you will be fine.

thank you.

Hi Deemonisha

It is said if you are the cause of the accident while you are driving in the first 3 months after getting the DL it will be cancelled and you will not get one again. However there have been many new traffic rules in the recent past it is better to be safe then regret later.

An honest Mysorean

hi if we break signal during 3 monthes of license our license will be cancel or any other panelty we have to pay

Hi sheahe,

Jumping a traffic light has been discussed in great detail. Locate those discussions and help yourself to the information.

Since of late to limit the number of road accidents, the the traffic rules have been made very stringent and the violators are being penalised heavily.

A new licence holder jumping the signal would of course be viewed very seriously. But the time of the violation, the place and the time duration when the vehicle jumped the signal after it turned red, would all be taken into consideration.

Hi Deemonisha,

I would appreciate if you can help me find a driver, i stay in ghala area.

Thank You.


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