Soon to be in Cairo, but already frustrated...

Hello All,
Writing to get some answers or vent a bit. I am not yet in Cairo, hoping to by the end of this summer. In January, my husband (who is Egyptian) traveled to get our kids registered at a private school. After providing ALL documents and VIDEOS (that was odd), I received an email stating "the information presented was not enough to make a solid acceptance".  They are 6 and 4yrs old! And yes, they attend schools here in California. The email was very vague as to the exact reason/s. It sounds to me like BS. 

Anyways, I didn't want to introduce myself this way, but just wondering, if this is typical. ?? Not sure if I can name the school, so I wont. Any advice is welcomed.

yes ... i heard about many private schools that do an interviews for the parents .

don't be , chill out , everything will be fine and you will find the best more than first one.
have fun in egypt

Hello , dont worry , everything will be Ok , Just ask well , you will find the answer for what you searching for

Hello Holaveronika ,
at the beginning let me welcome you to Egypt , about your question we have 2 kind of schools,  public and private ones,  of course private is better but it's expensive , they have a certain ways to accept your kids including doing interview to your kids and your husband and your self too , I think your kids have a privilege bec. you can speak English and that's will help them so much .
About the videos I don't know my first time to hear about that.
My advise to you and your husband is to search about all schools and target which one you choose,  prepare all documents and come to Egypt before the beginning of the school starts.

Wish you good luck .


so you are staying in California and your husband and children in Cairo ....maybe they wounder who will care for the children since you can only stay 3 months then have to leave......and must get visa on line when they fix it now not at the airport.....and yes unless your children are Egyptian you will have a problem....... other countries do not want Egyptians so now Egypt does not want foreigners any more good and bad for them....

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Hi  first of all if your husband is Egyptian with Egyptian credentials you will have no problem getting a spouse residency visa. I too Amy married to Egyptian and it's no problem
As for the private schools. I am sure once you arrive you will have no problem finding a private school you like. They charge up to 10000 eg pounds for a year. Some provide transport to and from school.
If you decide to live in Cairo or surrounding suburbs you will have many schools to choose from. There are not only Egyptian private schools but many International schools too Good luck and don't stress

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