Nurse in Philippines to Germany

so, iam a nurse in the philippines. i came here in germany last year, and had my papers from school checked already..and i need 8 months of training, Anpassungslehrgang oder Anerkennungspraktikum so i can work here as a nurse.
i wanted to ask, if any of you here in germany experienced these already? is it hard? let me know what are your experiences. thank you :)

I don't personally have experience with this, but I have friends who are nurses from Australia.
Because different countries have different regulations about medical practice, I'm going to say it's going to be very very difficult for you to come and work here as a nurse, unfortunately. Do you speak fluent German?

why is it difficult for me to come to Germany? lol . i am already here almost 2 years and I was asking about the praktikum. and I am doing it already and yes Iam fluent in  Deutsch.

and you are wrong, it is not hard to work as a Nurse. yes, different regulations about medical practice, thats why they are offering Praktikum.  :)

Ok, sorry.

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Hello po how long do do you need to wait for your papers to be check? And do you have salary for your prakticum thank u in advance

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