Plastic bags.

Moving on from Roy's mention of the excellent efforts by green school, Bali, we see the use of plastic bags being regulated in Jakarta. … stic-Bags.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta government has a Regional Regulation (Perda) No.3/2013 on sanitation which says that modern stores that fails to provide environmentally friendly plastic bags would be subjected to Rp5 million to Rp25 million sanction.

The regional regulations requires retail businesses to provide plastics with higher prices. The provincial government has set the price at Rp800 to Rp1,000. Higher prices would prevent retail businesses from providing plastic bags for free.

“No need for Rp200 [plastic bag price]. If they use environmentally friendly plastic, it would cost Rp800 to Rp1,000. They would certainly start providing [paid] plastic bags,” said Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) at the City Hall, Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Beside retail businesses, the policy will also be implemented in traditional markets. “We will start with modern markets first,” he said.

This is excellent news for the environment in general, but will also probably help the flooding problems as the bags will become less common, so not as many will find their way into the drains.

I've already bought my green bags, will you?

I notice that Hero have started charging 200 rupiah per plastic bag as part of their effort to go green whereas Griya (Yogya group) are still not charging for plastic bags. I'm not sure that 200 rupiah is going to make much difference to anyone who shops there.

SuperIndo were not charging on Sunday. I will probably invest in some green bags but Hanson is right 200 a bag in a supermarket isnt much, however, when the local stores start charging more because of it, I am sure attitudes will change.

I'd like to see a public service commitment on the local TV stations.  Many years ago they all ran one condemning bomb and cyanide fishing and it was remarkable how quickly that program produced results.

indonesia might be a decade late on this initiative.

IKEA might be the first to apply in Indonesia.

Alphamart are doing this now, but I have my green bag so it isn't an issue for me.
I'm hoping we can all do out bit by buying the reusable bags, hopefully encouraging others to follow.

Alfamart seem to have stopped charging for bags again.
The lady in front of me was told they were free at the moment.

I still carry a green bag, so I have no need of them, meaning I don't know how long this has been going on for.

Yes you are right Fred, Alfamart give plastic bags free.

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