Any job for computer science

Salam every one I am new at jeddah saudi Arabia I have many problems faces at jeddah I am graduate student of university of sindh jamshoro computer science I have spend 4 months free at home so plz help me taking any job.

Hi shoaibmemon,

Welcome to :)

I invite you to create your cv on the job in Jeddah section. This can help you to find a job.

View this article as well : Work in Jeddah .;)

Best of luck,

Dear shoaib.

plz send me ur cv

hi, send me your mobile number.

SSoul :

hi, send me your mobile number.

It's quite nice of you but this thread is over a year old  :P

On a side note, do you know of any IT-related internship or part-time jobs for high school students?

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