Best offshore fishing ISLAND WIDE?

My father in law is coming to visit and loves deep sea fishing. We're in Aguadilla but can take the trip from anywhere on the island. He'll be here in early May, which I understand is a pretty crappy time for fishing off the island. But that's the timeline we're working with.

Where is the best spot for good deep sea action during that time of year and do you have any recommended charter companies?

I don't know the answer to your questions, we are new to PR.  But, I am an avid big game fisherman and would love to know about the fishing here!

Don't have a boat (yet ) but if the market ever recovers, I'll be in the market!

Yes, SpecKev, when you find out info, please post it. My hubby loves to fish and we are still looking for good places.  We recently came across a sort of pier in Camuy not too far from the Villa Pesquera that looks promising but it has a few rocks near there.

He figured maybe the beach on villa Pesquera in Isabela (not the same one as above) but he would have to climb a steep mountain of rocks and he doesn't mind  but I am scared that he would fall and it has a nice beach for me to suntan on. So we will check it out and let you know.

I think the best place to get some info on deep sea fishing would be in "Cabo Rojo or maybe call or go to the Tourism office at Aguadilla Airport. I am sure they can help you. 

Best of luck to you,


There are many deep sea fishing outfits in the island, the best time seem to be between Oct and March, however you can go fishing pretty much year round depending on weather conditions.

Here are some outfits, call them and they should be able to tell you what to expect in May: … orico.html

Just don't snag a giant Octopus and you should be fine.

Many places in PR but none are cheap, the above are just a few, some seem to go to the PR trench for Marlin.

I'm looking for a local with a boat to team up with! 

Marlin fishing is my addiction!

Sitka, maybe hang around the marinas in your area and the favorite marina drinking establishment, you may be able to make a friend or two you can team up with. Maybe share some fish stories.

The fishing in Puerto Rico is great! Went out this morning with pretty rough seas but still managed to land a couple of mahi! After that we headed inshore and landed some tarpon to finish the day! Went out with Tarpon Fishing Puerto Rico.

What was the cost for that charter or was it your boat? And what side of the island did you go to?

As I understand (I never done it), north side of the Island along Dorado to Aguadilla is prime area for big fish, but there is fishing all around the island.

I tend to fish of a peer, or small boat along the shore or fish the rivers for fresh water fish.

Bill - We went with Makaira in Rincón. We caught plenty of fish but had a really bad time. I've been on dozens of charters and never had an experience as bad as that one. We paid for a whole day but because "It looked like rain", we only got about 3 hours. We barely left the shore (1 mile out) and overall the captain just seemed like he'd rather be doing anything else that day. The fishing was great though. I worked on something huge for nearly an hour before it straightened out my hook and we caught many pounds of Wahoo (Ono) and some Rainbow Runners as well. The captain figures my big guy on my heavy line was probably a large tuna.

Anyway, fishing was great, but charter wasn't. I'd recommend going with someone else.

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