Car Leasing in NM for foreigner

I'm going to live in Santa Fe NM for approximately 6 months and need car for dayly life.
A rented car is too expensive. Do anybody know, what's the best option: to lease or to buy a used car.
I'm a foreigner, no social security number.

Brigitte Berger :

I'm going to live in Santa Fe NM for approximately 6 months and need car for dayly life.
A rented car is too expensive. Do anybody know, what's the best option: to lease or to buy a used car.
I'm a foreigner, no social security number.

For 6 months, I'd say neither is a great choice.

Well without a SSN, and I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) no credit history in the US, you likely will not be approved to lease a car.  Usually leases start at 24 months anyway and go longer.  Even if you do find someone that will do it, it will probably be the same cost as renting from an agency.

To purchase a used car and register it, you're going to need to show 2 proofs of residency and it would be recommended you obtain a SSN, if eligible.  Otherwise, it going to be harder.  What would you intend to do with the car after 6 months?


Hi Romaniac,
Thanks for answering.
That's really a problem. Which choice do I have?
You are right; buying is no real option.
But without a car everything is too c complicated...

I think it leaves you with renting, unless someone else can chime in with an alternative we're not aware of :) 

With a long term rental, you might be able to negotiate the price down some if you talk with an agency.  Even if you can get a car @ around $10 a day're looking at $1800 or so for 6 months, but you're getting a newer car, any maintenance is handled by them, registration and insurance is taken care of.  Basically no formalities or worries for you to go through besides showing your license and putting down a credit card and driving off.

The cost of convenience in this case might be well merited :)


Romaniac is correct.  You need to look for a long term rental. 

Check Eenterprise car rental we have always found them the most reasonable for longer rentals (month or longer)


Thank you very much for your message and  advises.


Thank you!! That may be a very good suggestion!


Hi guys, I arrived in Santa Fe, a very beautyful place, I really enjoy!
But there´s still the problem to find a affordable longterm car rent. I have to pay more than 2 000 $ per month (including a limited collision damage waiver). Enterprise car rental didn´t offer better condition (as Bob K wrote) .
I am a German citizen and don´t have a social security number. So I think a car leasing is not possible!

Brigette, you might want to check and see if the credit card you use to rent with covers damages.  If it does, then you need to decline the very expensive coverage offered by the rental car company.  They make TONS of money off of this.

$2000 a month? What have you rented, a Bentley? :)  You need to do some smart shopping.  I'm sure you can find something far less expensive.


Hi Romaniac,
unfortunately my creditcard has no coverage for car damages. I got  already a better price because my daughter rented the car and she always gets  special conditions as an employee of a big German airline.
I´ll try to find another solution, maybe to buy a used car ...


I read the other answers. A couple of them mentioned this method, but few highlighted it.

Get a used inexpensive boring car, and get the minimal acceptable insurance. My 16 year old car only cost $1000, but it is still new enough for airbags. It scored well in crash testing, so it isn't a deathtrap. Thieves do not like this particular car. It does not have features associated with a high accident rate. Sporty two door cars have a much worse accident rate than mediocre performance four door cars.

In my area insuring any car against collision damage and theft would add more than $1000 per year to the insurance (inf, so it is cheaper for me to not pay for that insurance, and just be prepared to buy another car if this one is stolen or destroyed (assuming I continue to average less than one accident per year). I still have insurance to cover damage to people, other cars, and other people's property, just no coverage for my own car.

When shopping for cars ask your insurance company how much insurance would cost on each vehicle. Factor that cost into your buying decision. If buying new, ask which options affect the insurance cost. Some options lower insurance, others increase it.

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