Salary for Indian Expat to Live Shanghai

I'm an India national and a muslim. I got a job offer from a software company in Shanghai, China. I have been offered a salary of RMB 17000 gross per month. The net salary range would be RMB 13500 I guess.

I'm married, no kids yet. I will bring my wife to Shanghai at the earliest. I'm looking for a standard living; no night outs, alcohol, stuffs like that.

Some additional information about me to make things clear. I'm an Engineering graduate (B.Tech Information Technology) from India. I have close to 6 years of experience as Software Documentation Professional. My role in this company will also be the same - Software Documentation Professional. The work location would be near Xian Xia Road, Shanghai, China.

Can someone suggest whether this salary is sufficient for an average living.


Hi aslambashaa, :)

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Hi aslambashaa,

That is a good salary. Household expenses are not that high if you don't go for imported products all the time. Rental can varied depending on location, etc., but RMB10,000/month can get you a nice & decent place. It will be a great experience living here.

Wish you all the best.


As the Shanghai native, I think if the house rent can keep under 5,000 RMB  and  the 13,000 RMB AT salary can support your  daily expenses ,  if you are the  savers, the salary can support your Family, even  your  wife did not work.

Back to your another question, base on your background (native English speakers, 6+ SW  Develer  work experience ) your wage level  has some scope to  raise, it can meet with  arround 20K before tax  if you work with US or EU MNC. Usually they will pay 13 month + 1 to 3 month as the bonus.


I stayed in Shanghai since 2011. As per my experience , 13000 net is not a good pay at all. If you can stay a bit far from the city center then the rent will be around 3000-5000. These kind of house will be in a old colony, probably with all the locals. U will spend 1500 on food if you dont eat outside. 500 for water, electricity, and gas.  Phone and monthly transpotation expense will be around 300. so min 5300-7300. your salary can cover your expense like locals but can't make u live as expats.

that's the average pay of an untrained english teacher...
i think the company is not paying you well or thinks you're unqualified....

qualified and people with degrees make much much more than this

Hi Aslambashaa,

First of all, you can ask the HR straight up about the net salary... also what are the other benefits... see if they pay your accommodation & give you a Health insurance then this Salary should be acceptable, this is fairly standard. Also if they do give any other allowances (phone, transportation etc) and most importantly bonus (generally they don't give a fixed amount but you can ask average bonuses paid... normally it could be minimum 2 months pay or as high as 6 months pay if company is super happy with you or had a great year....)

Housing & Insurance is super important - Apt in a good area can go from 7-11k and insurance from 20-25k per year (if it cover international hospitals..)

If they do pay your housing at least then I would suggest move here and keep on with your search. I have heard people getting salaries as high as 50k in IT but then they are in senior levels but still you can get 20+ for sure.

I hope this helps... message me if you need any further advice. I have been here in China for last 7 years.

All the Best!


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