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Hello All

My name is Indra. I am an expat from UK to be more precise from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire. I trained in the University of London.

I moved to Puchong Selangor Malaysia 12 months ago. Feeling quite unsettled with the extremely hot weather over here. I miss all my friends in UK. I have great passionate interest in travelling both abroad and local. I love photography dogs gardening wining & dining and meeting up socially.

Very adventurous to taste exotic food & cooking. I love to have friends to go abroad visiting countries like Vietnam & Japan.

I speak Tamil & English.

Hi Indra, :)

Thank you very much for this introduction ;)

Beside the hot weather, how would you describe Puchong Selangor Malaysia?

You might want to put an ad in the Malaysia classifieds > Travel partners as well ;)

Thank you,

Hi and welcome. Are you working in a hospital trauma ward?

Some people find it hard being an expat. Actually it suits independent minded people especially when young. Many are actually quite odd when older. Its the old image of an expat but sort of true. Being away from home  in a  foreign land without family is odd really. Obviously helps if have a family with you!

Best thing is to make expat friends and socialise with other expats. It helps!

Hi Christine

Lovely to hear from you and thanks for acknowledging my message.

Yes I do like travelling & perhaps get some response from similar interest expats.
What do you do? Where do you live?

Have you been a member for a long time with this

Yes the weather is unbearably hot I guess but perhaps I have to adapt myself in the long run.

Good to hear from you. No I don't work here as an expat. I was working in UK but not in a Hospital I was
specialist in trauma work at the London Metropolitan Police.

Not all old people are odd. Some are quite  normal & energetic & active.

You are right when there is a family involved one feels more at ease.

I do have some members of my family dotted over in Penang & KL.

Au Revoir!

Hi, it's been few months since you stay in kl. Lucky thing for you, the raining month is coming haha. My name is Daniel Chan a photographer from kl. Nice to know you here. Hope we can chat

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