1 day tour from Gurgaon to Taj Mahal

Could anyone recommend travel agent in India I should book a tour to visit Taj Mahal from Gurgaon?. I will arrive at hotel at 9am. I'm afraid there's no tour departing that late. In case of no tour available by that time, is there any company providing car rental service? Safety would needs to be put into consideration.

Thanks so much,


Hi Linh,

I can advice you to have a look at the business directory pages here : Travel agencies in New Delhi to have some travel agencies' contacts details.

You must hire a guide.

Thanks, I made it. It was awesome and couldn't be easier, the guide was strict as a teacher though =))

Linh, when you say 'strict as a teacher' could you elaborate, please, so that other guides do not make the same mistake with their clients?

Hahaha. Hope you had a good experience.

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