Advise on attending a job fair in Munich this week?

Hi I am looking for some advise. This is a job fair happening Thursday in Munich. It seems that it is tourism and hospitality industry.  I am wondering if I should go to try to land a job. I am in the United States, my German is not very good I am working on it. I don't have a work visa yet. I was told by the local embassy that I don't need one first that I can get the visa after arrival. Any one have any idea if I travel there can I even apply for jobs? Or have people had luck getting jobs just applying online? I am willing to spend the money to go last minute, as long as  there is a chance at applying. Any advise you can share would be fantastic.

Here is the link for the fair. Maybe it could be helpful to someone here too.ünchen

Without knowing your educational and work experience details, and having an overview of your industry, it is basically impossible to evaluate your chances.
What advice would you actually want from us here?

...try to avoid the typical title blabber and focus on what you have actually worked on and completed.

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