Sustainable Edible Gardening in RIYADH

Hello everyone.

My name is Yusuf, I recently got relocated to Riyadh.

I am the owner and administrator of the Facebook Pages:  Jeddah Gardeners Club and Aquaponics in Saudi Arabia.

"My Garden, My Food" is my advocacy and I had the privilege of conducting workshops in Jeddah teaching communities to have:

Container Garden
Natural Fertilizer
Natural Pest Controller
Aquaponics / Hydroponics Basics

I would love to meet and find other gardening enthusiasts in Riyadh and probably help one or two set up a garden.

Have a beautiful day!

I am looking for an edible garden landscape architect. Would you be able to direct me.


Have you tried growing a small garden?

There are so many sources you can learn from and you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve excellent results.

I apologize, but gardening for me is a personal activity and therefore I encourage you, besides hiring labors, to manage and plan it yourself.

Have you tried to grow tomato plant in pot?

Wonder whether we can do it under low humidity in Riyadh. Lots of sunshine near my window :)


In fact I have many tomatoes outside under a green shaded structure.  Some of them are already fruiting, but not to the extent I want or expect.  They are minding the heat, although they are getting filtered sunlight.
I guess the key is realizing what can and cant work based on seasonal temp.  During summer, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, okra, summer squash, some varieties of pepper, bitter melon etc. could work.  We are blessed with around 6 months of amazing weather where we can plant many things, so lets take advantage of that. 
In the meantime, you can search for a DIY humidifier to help your plant.



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