New people /friends in Freiburg

I live in freiburg and I would like to meet new friends speaking both English or German.

Hi Kui muiruri,

Welcome on board  :)

A little introduction will surely get you some responses  ;) What do you in life ? Since when do you live in Freiburg ?


Hi Bahavna,
Thanks for ur response
I live in freiburg for sometime now, and I work here aswell,  am looking for a new friends krise.
Coz all my friends moved out of freiburg.
And u what do u do?

Re hi Kui Muiruri,

Well hopefully you will find some friends soon. There are other members who are also looking for friends, you will find them under the Networking Germany section of the forum.

I am part of the moderation Team of, here to guide members if needed.

Viel  Glück  ;)


Hi there!
I am Zalikha and currently staying in Freiburg too. Feel free to contact me if you are interested =)


Hi there,

I live close to Freiburg aswell.
Let me know if you're up for a afternoon coffee or tea. Just give me a shout:)


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