Salary for decent living

Hi am planning to move  to Canada toranto. What is the cost of living for a couple  with 1 yr old girl  baby?also secured  place to live?we are basically tamil peoples form India so tamil  neighbourhood  is preferable

that would be Scarborough area

Rent in Toronto is expensive.  Suburbs are cheaper.  There is no large Tamil community in Toronto.  There is a large Indian population in Brampton but I'm not sure how many are Tamil.  You need to have a household income of at least 50k to live okay but that would be in a lower rent area.  we pay a lot of tax here.

The comments from members are well thought out. Your community is big in Scarborough which is East Toronto. If you happen to work in Toronto centre, then budget for approx 2 hrs every day in commute time (actual travel plus traffic). You can rent a condo in Scarborough  for starts. Hopefuly this helps

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