Almarai compound in Riyadh for expats

Hi . My husband is considering a job in Riyadh with Almarai poultry and we have been told accommodation will be provided in the Almarai compound in Riyadh . Does anyone know anything about  what the compound is called and what it's like . We are British . Not sure yet if me and the kids will be joining my husband, going to see how he gets on first .

Usually these big companies provides accommodation to their emplyees, not sure with Almarai, but us here in ARASCO, we have family accommodation, My visa is family status, that means I can bring my family here, we have family accommodation with free food, Almarai farm is close to us, we are in Alkharj ...the city is 30 mins from here

Thanks for your response. Yes he has been offered free accommodation, including utilities , a car and a family visas. So is The Almarai factory out of town?

Our feedmill is close to Almarai...since it is a farm.. it is away from the city..the main city is around 30 mins by car...most probably the accommodation there is  like ours which has amenities likes gym, tennis court, swimming pools,basketball court, internet access and cable tv access..

Thanks for the response . Sounds  like you have a nice place .

:) yes its nice.. :)

Hi all . My husband will be based in HQ in Riyadh any one know where Almarai accommodate management employees ?

Not sure if you got an answer or not but Al Marai has their staff in various compound around Riyadh.

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