Move to Tanzania to do that?

Dear All,

I am collecting opinions and advices on how to move quickly to Tanzania (I am Italian).

Especially what type of job should I look for?

Could you please help me? Thank you for tour precious help



Hi Floriana,

Well it will also depends on your qualifications and your experience.

In which field are you working at present or have experience in ?

Best of luck

I have experience in the commercial field. I have experience both backoffice and frontoffice.

It may be hard. As a foreigner you hardly get a work permit. At first comapines have to hire qualified Tanzanians. And the proof that no qualified Tanzanian is available is impossible. That is the point. Better you start your own business, egg. a small food shop.

Wish you all the best. Regards from Germany.

Hi, don't worry come here on 3 month visit visa. You will found a job. Many foreigner are already doing job here.

Hi Jamamw,

Thank you for your quck reply I have worked in commercial departments...apart from hotel and resort which job should I look for?



If that were so easy many foreigners would easily move to Tanzania. Believe me, according to the law qualified Tanzanians have to be hired first.

What are your expectations, I might have some opening

Hi Floriana,
I agree with Berlin1973. since new government has succeeded getting a work permit is very difficult now a days. its taking more cost and also huge costs involved but it can be rejected and wasted the money.
If you have a good reference here who can guarantee you a job and take the responsibility of providing work permit, might be helpful. There are agents here who also help employees/employers getting work permits. But moving here without a job offer, reference or any speciall skills, isn't a good idea.
Best of Luck

Dear Hashu64,

Generally speaking, I would like to work as a clerk in a commercial/sales department. I have a preference for the tourism sector (I consider anyway any good proposal coming from different fields)
In the touristic field I was looking for clerk position in a travel agency or in an hotel or resort (again for commercial/sales department). In the last case I can be employed also for front office since I have some experience also in that.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best Regards

Floriana Frigerio (Flo84)

Dear Salmanali88,

Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I hope to get a job before coming to Zanzibar...hopefully.



Hi Berlin1973,

Thank you for your hints; looking for a way to have success.



Can u send me your CV on ***

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